Friday, February 01, 2008

EOTN: Purple Night and Before and After Pictures

Ok, first of all... I hate braces even though I only have the bottoms for now. My smile is now lopsided because of it. I can't flaunt my big-ass, cheesy smile anymore. So pardon the pouting pictures.

Anyway, here is my EOTN. It was inspired by Elizabeth when I saw the picture with the purple liner. Also, I wanted to play with my new indigo shadow and my purples. Personally, I would not wear this during daytime unless I have all the time in the world. Maybe when I go clubbing since it's more of a nighttime look too, at least for me. I wear very minimal makeup sometimes even none at all during the day. But, I really need to practice more because it took forever blending and getting the colors right, and I couldn't get my eyes to even out. What a pain. Actually, I started with NOT knowing what to do, and it turned out pretty good :) IMO.
(All MAC unless stated otherwise)


Rubenesque p/p (base)
NYX Grey e/s
Llama e/s (over NYX Grey)
Lancome Garment e/s
Hepcat e/s
Your Ladyship pigment
Blacktrack f/l
Estee Lauder Projectionis mascara

On a side note... I love how my skin looks like in pictures now. I really cleared up on my cheeks!! Geez louise, I thought I won't be able to get rid of my acne anymore. But thanks to a strict daily skin regimen and watching what I put on my face... it has improved!! I still have some scarring but they're almost gone though. Weee!

I can't believe I'm posting this:

BEFORE (Halloween 2007)

Ugggggggggh!!! Mind you, this was WITH powder on, but no concealer. Nasty scarring on the left cheek (your right). On the previous picture, I just have EDM on, no concealer too. Anyway, I was so annoyed with my cheeks because I got those pimples after using BE and it would NOT go away. I seriously wanted to rip my face off. hahaha. It was weird cuz my cheeks were the most unlikely place I would get pimples, and the only new thing I was using at the time of my crazy breakout session was BE. I wouldn't even touch or pick on them like other people would do, yet it left a scar. And, I'll always get pimples on or RIGHT next to where I just had it. Now it's barely there! You should've seen it back in summer... HORRIBLE! By the way scarzone works!

Yea I know... I have a big, cheesy smile. Just looking at the picture made me realized how my eye makeup REALLY sucked that night. heehee

Since we're on the topic of before and after pictures, here are a few more.

My senior portrait. Yep, I once had long hair. I want it back at least that long but I keep cutting it! But yea, I had the typical asian hair with the highlights and stuff.

And my favorite....

LMAO. I was 10 years old (I think), in this picture. OK seriously, braces is not even an option here (ok you guys can stop laughing now). Argh.. now I'm back on it again since I never wore my retainers. But as much as I hate braces, I'm forever grateful for it. haha.


  1. loving the purple! Will u be doing a tut? ;)

    In regards to the milky base it wont make your face look light because theres no color really, and your foundation wont look cakey, it actually helps your foundation glide on smoothly


  2. you look beautiful with long hair. love the layers!

    so is this your second time getting braces?

  3. lol, that last pic is just too cute!! your senior portait is gorgeous!

    so scarzone really faded those scars? how long did it take?

  4. ahahahahaha!! girrrrrrl, you got some serious front teeth back in the day, huh? LOL! me, too. 'cept i had big spaces between my teeth. thank god for braces. i got mine off over 15 years ago, and i STILL wear my retainers. (oh, and my front teeth were shaved down a bit.) heehee

    loved your purple shadows! i think purple looks great on our skin.

  5. SOOOOOOOOO cute! *pinches your cheeks!" Dinner next week!

  6. You are too cute Anne. And your cheeks are showing off!! Woot! Purple looks really good on you girl.

  7. Haha, I can see you had your lovely smile from early on. It's so contagious, every time I see you smiling in a picture makes me smile too ^_^


  8. Aww, that's such a cute photo! :)

    I love purples! I think it's one of those colors that flatters everyone. And I'll take you bottom braces and raise you top AND bottom! ;)

  9. You were really cute when you were younger and your senior year, i love your hair hehhe, did not kno BE can cause that effect and im loving the purple colour on you :)

  10. omg look at u in the pic before braces..but your teeth now is gorgous. your skin did improve a lot. You should do a skin regimen post =]

    i hate BE too. it caused me a lot of acne..ugh.

  11. ahahaha SO CUUUUUTE!!!!!

    hmm... i must try this scarzone... mederma seems to do nothing for me

  12. Wow I love the purple (purple is my fave color and I'm tempted to try this look of yours).

    Braces suck..I currently have mine on (2 years now...this summer will make 3) and I'm counting down the days 'till they come off (the date unknown as of now) I feel your pain (literally)