Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mixed Feelings About Fafi Iridescent Powder

Upclose look on Fafi Iridescent Powder compact. Do you see the smudges???
Sassed-up Iridescent Pressed Powder/Powder
I'm still contemplating if I should keep it or return it. I actually like it though cuz it gives me that nice and noticeable glow, until I read the box which changed my mind. It has Bismuth Oxychloride!!! Bismuth Oxychloride is also found in Bare Escentuals which has made me breakout in the past. I'm actually paranoid since I've gone a long way in getting my skin in a better condition. It seriously took A LOT of work and time. But for some reason I still want to keep it cuz it's so cute on my cheeks! But then again, what good does it do when my acne starts flaring up again? I don't know, so confused!!!!

I'll probably end up exchanging it tomorrow. I guess I can always highlight with my Your Ladyship pigment.And, I also got the 129SH Blush brush for no reason. I don't know if I should keep that too since I don't really do touch ups. But I have the feeling I need it??? I was just playing with it and it's sooo soft! BUUUT, the brush bristle size is not as dense as the full-size. DO I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED IT????

So what do you guys think?
p.s. I've also posted a comment for those who posted a comment on my previous post and haven't checked yet. Sorry if I typed a long response!!!


  1. hey thanks for stopping by at my page!

    they dont have any here of those palettes, im pretty sure =( however i think i got the better deal out of some :D

    wow, fafi is not here til march lol, nice hauls! how are u liking it?

    can i just say i have sh129.. and i regret buying it.. i think it's cheaper over there right? but i think i bought it worth 47USD and it sheds.. and i totally regret not buying the full size! well, thats my thought on it ^^

  2. I didn't like the Iridescent powders when they were first released, but it looks like they've changed it into a finer formulation. If you don't need it (aka it's nothing special), I say return it.

    I don't have the 129SH, but I do have the regular version. I don't like it at all! It sheds like a cat, and it's not the softest bristles either. :\

  3. I say return the powder because it has irritating ingredients in it. Don't risk it! Maybe you could ask the MUA if there is something else that is similar to Sassed-up without bismuth oxychloride? And I would def. get the full-size 129. I really dislike SH and SE brushes because they are nowhere near as nice as the full-size!

  4. HAHA yeah im debating whether to return my blush, I already have a similar color AND it I think it may be a tad bit too bright.......

  5. is that bismuth stuff why i broke out? i've only used BE for 3 days and broke out, but i'm not sure if it's from the stress i've been having, my time of the month, or the BE??? hmmmmm.

  6. i think they put the ingredients in some kind of order... like if water is the first ingredient./.. then the stuff contains water in the largest amount and the last ingredient in the smallest amount./.

    in BE bismuth was one one the first ingredient if not the first... i know a lot of my bronzers and blushes had bismuth in the ingredient (which were highlighted by me out of fear) but the ones which had bismuth at the end of the list didn't cause any breakouts...i've stopped using BE for a month now, and haven't broken out on my face as much even at that time of the month... mind you have huge zit behind my ear atm and it hurts!!! i;'m using everyday minerals almost everyday and studio fix once in a while.. with mac blushes and fix +.

    that was my two cents... more like two dollars there.. but yeah...