Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tutorial: Fresh Green (re)Mix MES [reposted]

Sorry about not having the picture show up and thanks for informing me :). I didn't think I was going to exceed my bandwidth in photobucket that fast. Anyway, I've re-uploaded the pictures again.

P.S. I've recorded a video tutorial for a request that I've got. It's just a matter of time of me editing it xP.


Because of how fond I am with the Fresh Green Mix MES, I decided to wear the colors again. I mixed it up just a tad bit though by adding a couple of eyeshadows.

What I used:

Soft Ochre p/p
Warming Trend (LE-Neo-SciFi) e/s
Fresh Green Mix (LE-Electroflash) MES
Brun e/s
Llama e/s
Blacktrack fluidline
Bourjois Coup de Theatre mascara

Nuance (LE-Sonic Chic) mineralized blush
Light Flush MES

C-Thru l/s
Major Minor l/s

***Click images to enlarge***


  1. uh oh looks like someone needs to upgrade their photobucket account. hehe.

    I can't see your pictures right now, but I'm sure it looks amazing as always. I guess I'll check back later. =)

  2. Anne! can't see your pics.. it says exceeded bandwidth :(

  3. i'm getting "bandwidth exceeded" :(

  4. hey there! The pics aren't coming thru. Can't wait to see them! :)

  5. Man, I hate when that happens on Photobucket!! :(

  6. See! Nuance is just gorgeous! I love it! Im not gonna go to the fair today... :(

    I am not feeling good I've been having headaches after I eat, it's really weird so now I just feel sick...and the fair has food! Food I can't eat...but let me know if you are still going to Melody's and I can maybe meet you there. I am still at my house I didn't go to Jon's yesterday so I am leaving in a bit..

    p.s. how did traffic school go?

  7. oh yay! so pretty! love the blending.. i might get this green mix ya know.. everyone is looking good with e/s duo!

  8. Anne, visit my blog. You just received an award :)

  9. cool i love how soft and subtle you can create with these :) <33

  10. the nuance blush looks amazing on you! it makes your apples POP. =)

  11. This look is beautiful, thanks for the tutorial

  12. veryyyy pretty doll!

    The colors go great with your skin tone.



  13. can I just say? Your tutorial is lovely! easy to follow because of it's step by step! Love the final look on you!

  14. ah ok, you made me put nuance in my shopping list, its pretty on you.. you're glowing!!

  15. i noticed you wear alot of greens, but i totally understand that because it's such a flattering color on you. :) i like to wear purples alot because i find it more flattering on me. :P hehe.

    man! that sucks that i missed the meet up with you, j. rose, and nessa! :( i wanted to go! that would have been fun. anywho, i will def make it next time. glad you ladies all met and hit it off. :)

  16. ooh i love it!!!

    prob cuz Im obsessed with lining my eyes, and i seem to subconsciously love green.

  17. I love this look on you Anne! I love green! You do give fab tutorials :) Cheers!