Monday, July 21, 2008

Tutorial (Video): Purple Smokey Eyes

Here's a video tutorial for a request for a purple smokey eyes look. It was a request last week (or maybe two weeks ago??) by Nee. Thank you for the request!

Anyway, this is probably the most dramatic look I've ever done. I'm surprised I even walked out the house with it LOL. I wore this last Friday night for my friend's birthday dinner. Anyway, I've decided to use drugstore makeup for this look because I recently got a hold of the L'Oreal HIP Metallic duos (which by the way are pretty awesome!). Sorry if the the video got cut-off at the end. I was in a bit of a hurry since we were kinda running late and my memory card ran out of space x).

Man, I haven't made a video in ages. I forgot how it's like to edit these things. Props to those who make video tutorials almost everyday! Oh btw, I'm incredibly yellow in the video because of the lighting on my makeup station.

Song is by Kardinal Offishall ft. Akon - Dangerous (it's my jam right nowwwwwww!)

What I used:

MAC Rubenesque p/p
L'Oreal HIP in Sculpted e/s
Milani Shock e/s
L'Oreal HIP in Platinum e/s
Milani Taffy e/s
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Bourjois Coup de Theater mascara

MAC Plum Foolery

NYX Thalia


  1. oh, i love different purple variations and this one is soo sexy! and you make it look so easy!

  2. this is such a beautiful look on you anne!!!! :) you look SOOOO sexy and sultry!!! more more more!

  3. Pretty! HIP shadows look great.

    I like your necklace, I have the same one! hehe. But I think I lost it ):

  4. great tut! looks gorgeous, and love your blending! i can't see any harsh lines at all ;)

  5. i like the dramatic look on you. looking good looking good. LOL =)

  6. ganda!

    really smokey! i love it! and with drugstore makeup no less. :)

  7. OMG.. purple is my fav color.. and that looks WOW..............I'm gonna go and practice that now....

  8. Smokin' hot!!! It's nice to see smokey is different color ~

  9. anne, you look so mysterious and sexay! you should wear more looks like this!

  10. Anne you look absolutely gorgeous!!
    I love this, I am gonna run out at get the HIP duos so I can do this too....

  11. @ nikki: thanks hun! i had quite a struggle openning some stuff though in the process LOL.

    @ irene: I seriously didn't know how it was going to end up looking at the end. I'm glad it looked pretty decent when I got done. I'll try to make more videos.

    @ joey: yup they are. I had my doubts with these e/s before but i saw the metallic duos and it's just soo pretty to pass up on. And thank goodness for BOGOF cuz it made it twice as better! but yea, the necklace was given by the bf.

    @ nic nic: blending took the longest and most work. i still gotta practice!

    @mrs. lynne, mai, shen: thanks girls :)

    @purple snowflake: let us know how it turns out. I definitely would love to see your final results :)

    @gee, jaimie, & lily: thanks! iunno if i can wear this look too often. I'm not used to too much eye makeup on my face LOL.

    @tammy: hahaha go get 'em! they're actually pretty good! I was quite surprised.

  12. I think you look very pretty in purple and green. Gorgeous!!!

  13. OMG! I love this look on look so sexy! You know how I like those dramatic eyes :)

  14. look bitchtastic!!!

    i mean you look fierce!!!...i love this look you look soooooo minxy!

    and drugstore makeup too!...i love the pink inlay between the black...

    hands down my favorite!

  15. This look is gorgeous, love the blending. You did a great job

  16. You are so skilled!! It blows my mind. >//< This is smoking hot, reminds me of cat woman!

  17. yayyyyyyy. my two favorite colors turned into a beautiful masterpiece haha :) you look gorgeous Anne! you should go bold more often & the song definitely goes with the look LOL I was cracking up when it came on I LAVVV it thanks you're so sweet for making a tutorial for my request, imma def try this now <3

  18. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look, anne! so sexy :)

  19. GANDA sis Anne!!! you looked so cute but with this look, you looked GORGEOUS! (transition yan ah hehehe)

  20. This is so pretty on you! :) I also like the new L'oreal HIP metallic eyeshadows.

  21. hey anne. I love reading your blog!! awesome! well i just wanted to say that the purple colors look really good on you. goes really well with your skin tone. very nice! oh and great blending skills!! = )

  22. NIiice!
    I always feel like I do too much purple and it gets old but this really changes things up for me.
    I really like the look.

  23. yo anne, foreal... you need to keep'on with the dark looks. i think its a gooooooooood look on yo'ass.


  24. Hi Anne, I'm Tia and I LOVE your tut vid on the Purple Smokey Eyes. I love using purple eye shadows and its great to see many different ways, that it can come into play. I love your look, its absolutely beautiful and awesome choice of song to jam to. =) I hope you don't mind me reading. Your blog is bookmarked in my favs.

  25. You look hot! I love the look. Purples are my fave :)

  26. Great look! I think purples are definitely your color. :)

  27. Pretty! I love the look! I love how intense the colours looked. I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to doing EMU like this :(