Friday, August 15, 2008

Beauty Event: ZO Skin Health Launch

So, my iPhone was a total FAIL. The store didn't get the shipment yesterday (although the FedEx website says that it shipped it to the store already) which means I'll end up picking it up today (and I better be able to pick it up today!). What a bummer though since I really wanted to get the thing started and set up before I have to leave town later on tonight.

Anyway, I had the pleasure to attend an exclusive beauty event in Beverly Hills. It was definitely worth the drive for me (traffic and all). Dr. Zein Obagi talked about the different preconceive notions of what the skincare industry has been telling us. I jot down some notes during his presentation that I found really interesting:

Skin exists in two states:
1) active: when all cells are working
2) inactive: when cells are there but not working; usually happens when you hit your 30s where your stops collagen production.

Skin cells must be active for a product to work. Most of the skincare product sold to the masses are used when the cells are "asleep". Dr. Obagi used the analogy, "like painting a crumbling wall." We're putting moisturizers or creams on our face as instant gratification when it's not targeting the cells responsible for the dullness, wrinkles, or other problems in our skin. Thus, the results may be temporary or none at all. In order to wake up our skin cells, we must have Vitamin A in our system which is essential for a healthy skin and for skincare products to be effective.

Problems with retinol:
1. unstable
2. difficult to formulate
3. high percentage of retinol can be irritating to skin

*(highest retinol available on beauty counters is 0.4% by Roc, anything higher needs a prescription from a doctor. Skin needs at least 1% retinol to actually have an effect).

*Apparently, Dr. Obagi has formulated a product that contains a high retinol percentage than usual which will not require prescriptions or irritate the skin.

Excessive microdermabrasion can cause damage if done too often and may lead to (some sort) of skin cancer. Visit your dermatologist at least once a week for skin check ups to maintain a healthy skin.

Anything higher than SPF 30 doesn't necessarily means you're getting better protection against the sun. Higher SPF count usually means more chemicals going into your skin which can be bad for you. SPF 30 is usually enough in sunscreens or moisturizers.

Organic and Natural products are only effective if you don't have medical problems (i.e. acne, melasma, skin cancer). And not everything natural is good.

Anyway, those are only some tidbits of the presentation. I must say that the derm office is really nice and quite relaxing. The staff are really friendly and were more than helpful in answering questions. And while I was chatting it up with some of them, I couldn't not believe how PERFECT their skin was! I'm serious... it was seriously FLAWLESS. I couldn't help but stare the whole time. I never would've thought it was possible. And you can tell it's not makeup (unless they used some really, really good makeup haha). All his staff, his wife, and Dr. Obagi himself had amazing and glowy faces. Like the kind of face you see airbrushed in a magazine. It was just really smooth and even-toned!! And I kept staring and staring, and they didn't even look like they had any pores!! I want their skin!!! HAHA. So that really makes me want to even try his products even more. I'm really excited about trying out the stuff in our goodie bags!!

I didn't get the chance to take a picture of the event or the place. But here are some pictures of what I walked away with after the event.

Goodie bag!!

Some informational brochures and literatures and the skincare set for us to try out.

The esthetician said that this exfoliating cleanser is safe for everyday use since the exfoliator are gel beads which shouldn't be rough or drying on the skin.

What will "wake" the cells up. I like how this serum has a pump bottle which avoids dipping your hand into the product. I tested this out on my hand and my skin just quickly absorbed it and it felt pretty awesome!

I like this one as well. It's sunscreen and a primer. Talk about dual use! The cream also has a slight tint to it which blends really well on your skin.

He mentioned that this product is not meant to treat acne. It's a regimen to keep a healthy looking skin and as a preventative measure in aging. He suggests to see a dermatologist first for any acne or problematic skin. He does offer other products which requires special needs.

My only concern about his products are the price. Since his location is in Beverly Hills, you KNOW that a small jar or bottle of his product might cost at least an arm. I haven't really checked on the pricing of his products since I kinda refuse too (probably a bad idea). But I wanna try out my sample goodies first and see if it works. And if does, maybe I should see it as an investment for my skin. If it's pretty affordable... then even better!

For those who live in the valley or close by Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, there will be an event today at the cosmetic counter at Nordstroms where Dr. Obagi will be offerring consultations and answer questions that you may have. Make sure to book your appointment as fast as you can as time slots are expected to quickly book-up!

When: Friday, August 15 at 10 am -5 pm AND Saturday, August 16 at 11 am - 3 pm
Where: Nordstrom Topanga Cosmetic One (6602 Topanga Cyn Blvd. Canoga Park, CA 91303)
RSVP: 858.794.9601

I'm going to try to book an appointment during my lunch time since I literally work down a block from that mall :).

So I definitely learned a lot yesterday. Not to mention I met a fellow beauty blogger, Audrey aka Fabu-less Beauty, and Erika from who were both sweethearts! It was such a pleasure meeting both of them.

Although I've already found some products that have worked for me, I can't help but be curious about his skincare line just after seeing his staff and his wife with the most amazing skin I've seen. It can seriously make my skin look10 times better!! I will be testing these products out in due time, but not at the moment because I'm still loving the moisturizer I'm currently using and I want to finish that one up first. But I will definitely let you know how it goes once I get on it.


  1. wow that stuff looks great, let us know how you like it!

  2. so i guess u decided to skip out on beckham huh? lol..i think it's worth it...i learned a lot from this post...that primer and sunscreen looks fabulous! i've been really trying to get into wearing more sunscreen as a preventative measure...

  3. Ooh, that stuff looks really nice. I can't wait until your reviews....and it sucks about your phone!

  4. Jaimie: I'm pretty excited in trying out the products as well! From what I've heard and seen, it looks quite promising.

    Ate Ren Ren: haha yea, there was no way I can make it to the game with the traffic on the 405. And I left pretty late that day, so i just skipped it. My boss gets tickets every now and then so I'll try to go to the next one if he gives them away again lol. I'm really glad I didn't miss out on this event though. I love freebies :) especially if it looks like it's going to work. You should have seen the faces of his staff! They're veryyy smooth and flawless. I can't get over it HAHA. But sunscreen and the primer is probably one of my faves out of the kit. It had a nice tint that just blends easily on your skin... not to mention fast absorption too.

    tammy: I'll probably report back after 6 weeks of use since he said that's when it's going to take effect. But yea I'm pretty bummed about my phone. I just hope I do get it today or I might have to throw a fit at the store LOL JK.

  5. I'm going to be at the Topanga mall today, though not for the event since SO will be with me and I feel bad for him when I drag him to beauty store. lol

  6. Not sure about the time... Around lunch? I'll definitely say hi if I see you!

  7. I pretty much already knew most of the notes you took down, but thanks for sharing! LoL. That's too bad about your phone. Hopefully you'll get it soon! Are the ingredients listed on those products?

  8. whoa. The packaging is boo-ti-ful :)

  9. hey Anne,
    wow that's an awesome goody bag!!! tell us how well they worked for u

    and i know how u feel about the 101, my bf lives out past T.O. and there always seems to be traffic blah

  10. those freebies are huge! and i love the packaging, looks really really nice! :)

  11. man how scary about the microdermabrasions..i used to get them once a month last year for only about 3 months..


    i thought they were really good for u.

  12. Wow I'm so jealous! Glad you went instead of going to see DB, haha.