Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Choose Between the Two: Skincare v. Beckham

I'm a bit torn between the two. I have two events that I can go to this Thursday but they start and end around the same time, so...

Which one should I go to:
1. Exclusive sneak peek preview of a new skincare line
2. Watch the Galaxy soccer game?

Why I should go to the first one: New skincare line hello?? It's be my first time to be invited in an event like this. Can you imagine all the good stuff I can learn and share ya'll? Just oodles of information about skin!!

Why I should go to the second one: Umm duuuH? hello? David Beckham? Need I say more (heehee what a groupie). He's the epitome of hotness in a man! I mean I don't really watch or know anything about soccer except getting the ball in the goal post (haha), but again... David Beckham in flesh!! Oh and the game is free! A co-worker asked me if my bf and I would be interested to come cuz she had a few tickets for the game.

Why do they both have to be on the same day?? :( I want to go to both!!!

What do you think? If you had to choose, which one will you pick? Help me decide. I need justifications why.


  1. I'd choose Beckham. Haha. Sporting events are so much fun, and personally, I'm content with my skin right now, so I'm not really interested about trying out new products, since the ones I'm using now are already working for me. Galaxy is playing Chivas that day, right?

  2. @tracy: I have no idea who they're playing. my co-worker just offered me some tickets. lol

  3. oh man. i am torn too. but david beckham?! lucky woman!

    okay. so, a lot of ladies will kill me, but personally? i'd go to where i think my boyfriend will enjoy too. i mean, if you go to a soccer game, at least you'll get to spend time with each other. unless of course you guys see each other everyday...

  4. i'll choose the game for experience. :) hehehe! :)

  5. I'm slightly bias...so I have to say the new skincare line - free goodies, and it's world famous too...=)

  6. DUDE


    ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I say go to both ROFL
    skincare and mancandy woot woot

  8. I hate to go out on a limb here but yea, Beckham doesn't exactly do it for me. Besides, unless u can actually hug and kiss the guy, why would u bother watching him from afar? At least if u saw him on tv, the cam-man can get a close up of him. And the skincare line... you get to take stuff home! Can u take the galaxy ppl home? LoL. That's my piece on it =)

  9. BECKS does nothing for me... and unless you get to see him where he's bigger than the size of your pinky, I say skincare.

  10. Im with pink, David Beckham DUH!

  11. Lol~ It sounds like you're going to go see Galaxy soccer game from reading the comments. ;)

    I know what you mean about watching K-dramas. They're so addicting and it's hard to do other things... hehe~ That's what I only watch the ones they air in Korea at the moment, as well as, it being miniseries (less than 24 episodes) so I only devote 2 hours a week on it... hehe~ :)

  12. BECKHAM :D Just make sure he doesn't speak at all hehe

  13. personally i'd go to the game. but that's because i LOVEEE going to sporting events. soccer or beckham do nothing for me but hey it'll be fun! :)

    skin care stuff another day?

    BUT if you really aren't that into the game & if your seats are way far then pfft. soccer games go on forever :) can you sit through it? hehe

  14. Beckham!!! I love makeup but would not sit through a preview of any skincare line. Last time I did, they tried to sell you so much crap...it's all about advertising dear...so please go to the game!!! It's so much funner. LOL

  15. Beckham, hands down. Even after the preview, that skincare line will always be around. Beckham isn't as accessible, I hear ;)

    So, which are you going to, after all?