Monday, August 11, 2008

How To: Depotting La Femme Eyeshadows

Yet another depotting tutorial. I just decided to make it anyway since I was already in the process of depotting my La Femme eyeshadows. I've finally depotted most of my potted eyeshadows yesterday including my MAC ones and other eyeshadows except for the LE MAC eyeshadows, so now they're all stored in my MAC palettes. Anyway, I'll try my luck with B2M today and see if they'll take my depotted eyeshadows regardless of the new policy *crosses fingers*. I just don't know what color to trade it in for.

About the tutorial, it's pretty much the same concept, just different pot. I was going to do a picture tutorial again, but I figured this will be way easier to follow.

Of all the videos I have to edit, it ended up being this when I have two other videos pending for weeks now. I'm kinda getting a hang of this editing business. I just have to keep doing it so it'll get easier along the way. More to follow!

What you will need:
1. Straigtening Iron
2. Wax Paper
3. La Femme eyeshadow
4. Pre-cut magnets
5. Paring knife
6. Rubbing Alcohol
7. Cotton Balls
8. Clean papertowel
9. 1 in round labels
10. MAC Palette


  1. You're so neat and organized! :) By the way, are you double jointed? Just curious because you can bend your fingers pretty far.

  2. @Alyssa: Thanks. I am pretty double jointed. HAHA. I didn't realize that my hand was bending pretty far in the video. I hope I didn't gross you out or anything LOL.

  3. You didn't gross me out. I just noticed it and I'm sure most people won't... lol~ :D

  4. Hehe, I'm watching this at work without sound, but I can see that it's very well done! Where do you get your La Femme shadows? Online? what's the best place to get them online? Am I asking to many questions? ;D

  5. @tanya: thanks tanya! I got my La Femme eyeshadows at a professional beauty stores. I've also seen it at Touch of Beauty (which is usually found at major malls). The only place online that I know that carries a pretty good selection is But it looks like it's not the same ones that I got since it shows it in a different packaging. I could be wrong though.

  6. Hope the B2M goes well for you =] Good luck!

  7. Having big dogs is a lot of work, after I come home from work, I have to spend a good hr to cleaning, becuz my dogs shed like no other. But its def. worth it for me. I love your blog and its so helpful to a beginner like me. BTW i find your lips amazing and wished mine were full like yours.

  8. Great tutorial, Anne! I can use this method to depot the Cinema Secrets eyeshadows. BTW, where do you get the La Femme eyeshadows?

  9. @tracy: I got my La Femme eyeshadows at Bu-ba Image in Reseda and Sherman Way (close by Pho So 1). They also have it in Northridge mall at Touch of Beauty. Both stores I found have limited color stock. Pretty much what they have is what they have. But still... it saves you shipping and handling. I'm pretty sure you can find them in other stores that carries salon products.

  10. Great work! I hope you do more of these videos. Thank you!

  11. Hi anne!..thanks for dropping by my blog..

    Off topic though, i've wanted to ask you, how long it took for your scars to fade using ly-na pearl cream?..i have some (scars) from recent breakoutssss, and i've been using ly-na for almost 2 weeks..i use the green kind though..i'm not sure which one is supposedly better, but my store only had the green kind..haaay..i've been seriously stressing about my pimple scars coz i never had them before..:(

    thank you in advance..:)

  12. if only i had some la femme blushes i would soooo depot them too :)

    i promise, the video editing gets easier!

  13. Hi! I just did that to all my La Femme eye shadows last week! But, I used the candle method =]
    I got mine from a store called "DAN'S PERFUME and COSMETICS" 20929 Ventura Blvd. #15 Woodland Hills.
    OR, online at:
    She said ultra perals are going to be added soon!

    Great site! Love it!

  14. hey there! i just order 12 La Femme blushes but did not order it in the palette. Thanks for the great tip becuz i was worrying about how should i depot La Femme blush! THanks for ur tutorial. The blush and the shadows are package that same rite?