Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's decided. The winner is...

It all comes down to the final say. The winning choice of Skincare v. Beckham is....


And here's why...

I know most you would choose Beckham over skincare any day. And I would too, especially after I heard on the radio that Davey will be there *siigh*. But then something came up.. my iPhone is expected to come in today based on the tracking number that they've provided me. It should be in the FedEx facility about 3 miles from my AT&T store. I wasn't really expecting it to come in this early, but it did. So that means... I have to pick up my phone after work! I worked overtime yesterday already for my make up hours for today after finding out about it around lunchtime, so I should be able to leave earlier than usual.

So what does this route look like? I'm looking at leaving around 4-4:30 pm. So it'll take me about 20-30 mins to get to where the AT&T store is at depending on side street traffic. Factor in the line to get to a representative and the amount of time they get your phone set up, probably about another 30-45 mins. Then... I have to take the freeway which by that time it's rush hour traffic. And if you live anywhere near the 101 freeway or have been on the 101 freeway around 4-6 pm... traffic is ridiculous!! It's even worse at the 405 freeway once you get closer to LAX and the 10 freeway. And the game is all the way in Carson!!! Carson is about 50 mins from where I live...WITHOUT traffic. Then I might get lost on the way since I'm unfamiliar with the area, then I have to find parking. By that time, the game will be over LOL (or close). Also, the bf doesn't get out until later on as well.

*whew* ... So the game is a no go for me :(. You're probably thinking... "your iPhone can wait!... Hello?? David Beckham!!" Well probably... but it's been a week and I've been antsy about it. Besides, I need to get it setup in time (not to mention pack my stuff) before I leave for SF on Friday night. It will be heaven sent! I actually have something to do on my way up there.

Anyway, back to the tickets, this is probably the second time that my director asked if anyone wanted to watch the Galaxy game. So most likely he'll have them again. I'll just go next time he offers. I just don't know when.

Hence, why I chose the skincare instead. I'll be able to go to the skincare preview since the venue is a bit closer to me and traffic going there shouldn't be too bad since I'll be going the opposite side.

If it wasn't for the fact that my phone comes in today, I probably would've gone to the game as what everyone had mentioned. But the second choice isn't too shabby either since we'll be getting goodie bags at the end and it's a chance for me to meet other bloggers especially Fabu-less Beauty ^__^.

So this ends my essay :)


  1. So lucky either way! I wish I lived in Cali...

  2. Aww, no Becks? LoL. At least you got your iPhone. Have fun tonight! Can't wait to see what you get!

  3. Hey, I recently posted about MAC Starflash eyeliner dupes... I do not have all of them though so I was wondering if you knew a good dupe for MAC's "Feline"? Thanks!