Monday, August 04, 2008

Readers Questions: Just to answer a few...

I'm loving the SASA haul :) do you use BB cream? which brand??
- Irene

Thank you! The Palgantong (weird name I know) BB cream is actually my first one. I've never tried it, and I heard mixed reviews on BB creams in general. I'm actually kinda scared to try it out since I really don't want to fix any damages it might create. I just hate dealing with acne period, so I'm kinda holding off on using it. Also, I'm still trying it out the other moisturizer that I also bought from Sasa, so I don't want to be mixing anything on my face too soon. So we'll see how it goes.

Great job, Anne! How was the O.C. fair?

The O.C. Fair was fun! It brought back memories :) haha. We actually retook the picture from last year. I was just so tired at the end of the night. OH and he actually won a monkey/bear hybrid with one of those games. He was gonna go for the pocket bike again, but by the time we came back I guess someone already beat him to it because it was gone.

Thank goodness you did this tut! I love the colors but can only do the simplest look with them~ Hehehe. So what can I use as a base if I didn't have that e/s crayon?

I would suggest using any pink tone cream base to make the colors pop! Maybe a MAC paintpot in Fresco Rose or Girlfriendly. It'll help the color last longer too.

Still working on the tutorial :).

Anyway, I'm really looking forward going ATV-ing this Friday with my co-workers and the bf! It should be fun, but at the same time I'm scared. I don't want to fly off my quad and get ran over by it. LOL. I've been debating if I should go or not since it's quite pricey (I just think of all the makeup I could by with 4 hours of renting it), but just decided to go since it'll be good for me to meet other people in our facility. I only know like a few heads and we have over 500++ people in our campus. Having one lunch buddy isn't really goin to cut it especially if he keeps going on vacation trips. Anyway, I really need to be more socially active at work. But yea, we'll be going down in Pismo Beach this Friday. Yay!


  1. Thanks for answering my question! Haha. Shin told us about wanting to get that pocket bike again. Zac and I took the pictures again, too. I think they're on his MySpace. I should post them on my blog.

    Lucky you. I wanna go ATV'ing! Oh, well. That'll probably end up being on my to do list next time we're in Hawaii. I think Zac booked our tickets for December already!

  2. Oh i hope you enjoy atv'ing. I'm not an outdoorsy girl, but it is so fun!!