Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tutorial: Nothing But Green

So what do you do when you can't sleep for the night? Make another tutorial :)!

Here is another green look for ya'll. For some reason, some where along the video, the highlighting part got lost in the mix. I probably accidentally deleted it while I was in the midst of editing it.

This video was shot before my Bay Area trip. I didn't have any sleep the night before, so I'm not sure if you can tell the blood shot eyes in the video. Oddly enough, I actually had more energy and was more awake than having enough sleep. Didn't even need my cup of Joe for the day.

I'll try to do a more creative look next time. It's just that my brain isn't fully functioning yet when I wake up to go to work. Speaking of work, today is my Friday!! Woot woot. Friday-off tomorrow. Can't wait to hang out with the bodacious Pink and Mimi. Plans are still up in the air, but for those of you who are going to the Pow Wow and has their Friday lunch/afternoon open, let me know if ya'll wanna meet up and do some bonding over retail.

Oh, and YAY, for finally getting the still image on the right spot for YouTube.

What I used:

MAC Velvet Moss e/s
Milani Antique Gold e/s
La Femme Golden Bronze e/s
Milani Garden Mist e/s
MAC Humid
MAC Engraved Power Point Pencil

MAC Coppertone

MAC Inner Hue (Colour Forms collection-Nordstrom exclusive)

OMG... not being into of myself or anything... but holy crap my skin look pretty darn good in these pictures ^___^***

Sorryyyyyyy... I know I was suppose to have my for sale stuff up by now, but there has just been soo many things going on lately with life. I think things have settled down now though, so I might get started on posting things up. I mean I already have gone through my stash, but I think I'm going to need to do another round and see which ones can go.


  1. u know i love greens girl, lol...and your skin looks great! tell the pow wow crew i say hey!

  2. looking gorgeous in green. i have to agree your skin is glowing!! ^_^ have fun with Pink and everyone!

  3. very nice. i love doing the mossy green look (i think my Prestige in Verdigris is similar to that color)

    your skin IS looking good btw but when does it not? love the lips, too

    and hot dang i'm going to grow out my eyebrows again cuz i really like urs

  4. ren ren: thanks :)

    nic nic: wish you could join us at the pow wow! don't worry we'll take pictures...lotsssss of them!

    alienman: thanks ^__^, but I still don't know what the dealio with my lips still. haha they're not that great. thanks for the eyebrow compliment. They look kinda shapeless though, no?

  5. Anne!!! I'm gonna see you tomorrow!!! Will you be wearing green e/s? Heheheee...

    Your skin DOES look amazing! And you're entitled to be totally into yourself. :]

    Ooh, where are you going to shop???

  6. what? your lips look fine here. and ur eyebrows... hmm... i dunno... i think they look fine??? maybe clean up your right side one around the edges a bit?? but that's me being REALLY picky tho :/ i think your eyebrows are beautiful

  7. Lovely green look! I'm off early tomorrow, but have an eye appointment around 2-ish. What will you all be doing in the afternoon? I can't make it to dinner.