Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tutorial: POW WOW look + Reader's Question

Here's the look that I wore to the Pow Wow in case any of you are curious.

So I was going through my subscriptions on YouTube and watching random videos, and I realized I used the same song on a similar look on a tutorial that itsjudytime did!!!!! I was trying to think the whole time as I was adding the song that this is too familiar -_____-*. Well it was a coinkidink. Sorryyy... didn't mean to. But yea it's there.

Back to the video, I was suppose to have had this posted two days ago, but Movie Maker was acting funny. And when I saved the edited video to be uploaded on to YouTube, the sound on the last half was not there! So I had to add that back in, so that took forever.

Ahhhh, I didn't get the video stil right again!!!! Ok I give up on that!

I still need to do my tutorial on the stuff I got from the Pow Wow. And the reviews I have to do for the stuff I have piled up here! And to finalize my makeup garage sale. Well, I already have the 'store' up, it's just a matter of getting a few more stuff in it that I'm trying to just part with. Oh and did I mention I have soo many brushes?? I might either sell that or give it away. Maybe have a contest of some sort. I dunno.

Reader's Question:

Anne! Again, it was nice meeting u! I tried looking to see if u had a blog on this, but do you think you could do a tutorial on your glowy face at the powow? U glowed the whole nite. -- Mimi

Hi Mimi, I didn't even realize that my skin was glowing that night! I'm not exactly sure how to do a tutorial on my glowy face since I didn't really put anything on my face except on what you see in this FOTN tutorial which is the highlight color (MAC Your Ladyship pigment), and the blush (MAC Plumfoolery). Other than that, I didn't really have any foundation or powders or mineral makeup at all. I think my glow is pretty much coming from the new skincare set that I recently received to review from the beauty event that I went to (ZO Skin Health, which I'm currently loving by the way). I'm noticing improvements on how my skin has looked and felt since I started using it. Anyway, if you can recall, the set actually came with a tinted sunscreen + primer. But I applied that early in the morning, so I don't think it really factors to my glowing skin. My best bet for the the culprit of the glow might be the highlight color using Your Ladyship pigment.

And it was definitely nice metting and chatting with you at the Pow Wow!

Now, on to the FOTN that I did for the Pow Wow...

What I used

MAC Rubenesque p/p
MAC Knight Divine e/s
NYX Copper e/s
MAC Typographic e/s
MAC Shroom e/s
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC Engraved pencil
Stila Major Lash mascara

MAC Plumfoolery

Kiehl's Lip Balm
MAC Major Minor l/g

I should've used another falsies. Yes, I'm pretty much aware that they look to janky and long! That's all I could get my hands on especially since I couldn't find anything in my makeup stash.

On a good note... I'm making improvements on cleaning up my makeup area. I swear this is taking a whole month to do, and I don't even have that much compared to other people. Oh, and YAY, I think I'm actually sleeping early tonight.

I'm drawing blank on looks people. Any suggestions or requests?? Let's keep the fire going and put my makeup to good use.


  1. It was great to meet you too! And btw, I've been using the Lyna cream and you are right, it is fucking amazing stuff. I've been using it since the pow wow and I have not gotten a single breakout since. Thank you so much, it is my favorite thing ever as of right now.

  2. wow! i love the video! and the little wave at the end. :)

    i can't believe you didn't use a foundation! you have such great skin! lucky girl! :)

  3. im glad you did a tut on this girl!...i loved it esp your janky eyelashes...lmao!....AND THEY ARE NOT JANKY they are fanulous!!!...and i didnt even realized you used some red

    ok since mimi asked why your skin glows im def gunna send my addy to you to get me some of that old grannies coochie cream....

  4. It was so great to finally meet you, Anne! This look was so pretty, I didn't realize there was some burgundy/red e/s in there.

    Oh and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that went without foundation! lol. Your skin looks more glowy than mine did, but yay, haha.

  5. I want some Ly Na cream!!! That stuff sounds amazing! Haha, I'll make sure to get some when I'm in Taiwan!

    Oh you looked gorgeous on Pow Wow night! You're possibly the most adorable girl in braces I have ever seen! You rock them and should smile showing them more~

    Love the video~~ I like to watch videos even more now that I've met you in person! :D

  6. i am jealous about Pow Wow. :0(

    what?! what's wrong with long, janky fake lashes?! :0P you looked fantastic...

  7. Very pretty. You look very sexy with this look.

  8. Your skin looks amazing! I guess that ZO Skin Health stuff works. Great look, too.

  9. Hey seatmate! Was looking at your shadows that night coz it was really expertly done. Your skin looks so good, and that's with NO face powder/foundation on??? Sheesh! =)

  10. I was totally thinking this when I was reading your post... but forgot to comment?! How retarded am I?!

    I want to request an OL look from you, lol!!! With outfits and everything! :p

  11. Love the smoky-ness of the look! :)

  12. I've always wanted braces. Great tutorial btw.

  13. Such a sultry look on you, gorgeous :D