Thursday, September 11, 2008

FOTD: Golden with Ben Nye

I love my Ben Nye Pearl Sheen eyeshadow. I bought the eyeshadow awhile back and I never really used it until today. It's very pigmented and easy to apply. I'm probably going to hunt some more of this in the future.

Ben Nye Pearl Sheen e/s (inner half)
MAC Seedling e/s (outer half)
MAC Brun e/s (crease and outer V)
MAC Vanila e/s (highlight)
Modern Basic Mocha Move gel liner (line upper lashline)

MAC Peachykeen blush
MAC Nuance mineralized blush (contour)

Nivea Red Glossy Lip Care


  1. yeah 4 years and my dad still doesn't know were dating, we're just "friends"

    same here, he doesn't really sit so close to me unless it's for pics or we're in a group when my parents are home : /

    are u moving to the new houses called blue sky? bc if u are we might be neighbors LOL We just moved to this house, but my parents are thinking of buying another house off of erringer also. They are still deciding but look at those houses every week. If they do we're going to rent this house and move again. i hate moving! That would be really funny if we became neighbors. Right now I live couple block from the mall, off of sycamore. It's still real close to the mall

    let me know if u guys are moving :P

  2. Anne!! You're moving?? Why??

    I like this look, very suitable for an OL, hehehee.

  3. Bill Nye Sheen is such a pretty color!

  4. WTHECK, Anne is not cheesing it, I think I'm on the wrong blog lol XP must be an imposter!

  5. love the look! i need to show my ben nye palette some more love! i've barely touched it since i got it :(