Thursday, September 11, 2008

FOTD: L'Oreal Gilded - another green and gold look

Here's the look that I did last Sunday. Sorry it's another gold and green look. My creative juices haven't been flowing lately, and it doesn't help that I only have less than 30 minutes to get ready for work now.

L'Oreal Gilded (gold) e/s -- inner corner
L'Oreal Gilded (dk olive green) e/s -- outer V
MAC Fresh Mix MES (marbled) -- crease
MAC Your Ladyship pigment -- highlight
Modern Basic Mocha Move gel liner
Stila Major Lash Mascara

MAC Nuance mineralized blush

Kiehl's tinted lip balm
*I forgot the l/g I used here


No brainer. Piece of cake. I love my HIP Metallic duo. Definitely saves my behind when it comes to thinking of a good makeup combo for the day.

Uhhhh... no idea why my lips look imensely fat here.


  1. great tut as always! if only i wasn't so lazy to put makeup for i gotta catch up on the rest of your entries, lol...

  2. WOW, I can't believe your skin looks this awesome w/o putting anything on it!!! I love that look on you! Especially the lip color!

  3. Very pretty! Great choice color with your skin tone.

  4. So glam for work! :D Love it! Nuance really makes you glow~

  5. No makeup on your face?! What a lucky gal!

    Your hair and eyes look so pretty! I envy anyone with neat eyebrows =P

    Nice hauls! Let me know how the naive cleansing foam works for you. I tried the peach one and though it smelled great, it was overly drying for me. Laneige! I've been looking for a place around here to get some.

  6. OOOoOOoo you have juicy DS lips...i know i was gunna say damn anne what did you just do before you did this post...your um lips loook well red and plump...they you have have been working out

    heeeee heeeeeee


  7. hi anne
    i tagged u in my recent entry, hope u do it
    love reading love stories

    that's cool that ur moving to simi, hey if u need help let me know, and if u ever need a shopping partner let me know LOL

    i know it will be farther from everything else, but it'll be cooler than living in the valley (i can't believe how hot it can get down there)
    plus u'll be a lil closer to cco in camarillo :D

  8. Very pretty. I love stuff from hip. Your skin looks gorgegous, it glows.

  9. love your lips they look so juicy! LOL

  10. Nice! I have Gilded, it's such a weird color but you make it work;)

  11. gold and green is my go-to combo too when i can't think of any...

    i love the lip color too!