Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Recap: La Brea Tar Pits

Of all places right? Well, the BF has been really asking me to go with to the tar pits. Don't ask me why. It's been part of his "to do" list before he leaves Cali.

Although there were no dinosaur bones found in that specific location, I've learned a few interesting species aside from the saber-tooth CAT (not tiger) and woolly elephants that inhabited old Los Angeles million years ago. The trip was actually something different to do on a Saturday besides our regular trips to different malls :).

Some pictures inside the museum:

These are actually some of the bones of dire wolves' skulls. But they look like shoes on display :)

Behind that was once a woolly mammoth.

Outside the museum... where the smell of tar reeked.

Since he had dragged me to the museum, I got to drag him to The Grove which was the mall nearby. We just grabbed some Brazilian food for lunch at the Farmer's Market and walked around the outdoor mall. I didn't really find anything to my liking in any of the stores, but I manage to grab some Essie nail polishes on sale for half off!

And then we saw this...

LOL! I had to take a picture. This Pomeranian was a diva... seriously. It was attracting all sorts of attention from people because it had booties on! I mean I've seen booties on display at stores... but not really worn by a dog cuz I didn't think dogs would be comfortable wearing them. And it had a backpack on! LOL what the heck?

So that was a quick rundown of my weekend. And then yesterday, I finally had the chance to check out the little beauty boutique by my area that carries some Paul & Joe products that I've been on the hunt for. I couldn't find them anywhere else here in California... and I don't know why we're lacking. I wish they had more particularly at the store because I really wanted to check the whole line out. But I manage to pick up a few of them, and I think I'm really done with makeup purchases for now (I hope *crosses fingers*). I'll post my haul on that on another day, maybe along with a review.

How was everyone else's weekends?



    dude that is totally soooo cool!...and i thought that was a window display for fendi!...those skulls?

    booohooo BF is leaving soon =(

    don't worry im coming soon!

  2. aww sounds like a fun weekend...i need to take more fun weekend outtings like that...usually for us it's just find something to eat, and maybe movies, lol

  3. how cool i that!! looks neato. i love exhibits like that. we went to the zoo in waikiki and i found out that koalas are supposed to be called "koalas" not "koala bears".

    take care while the bf is gone :) is bf going back to the islands again?

  4. Tar Pits? Haha, I've never heard of that. Fun though! :]

    P&J! Can't wait to see your haul. You're lucky you even found some in a store!!! P&J is SO rare to find in the US. The only store that carries the entire line is Bergdorf in NYC, that's it! I know on their site it says at certain Anthropologie stores they do carry it, but I've checked many Anthropologie stores and they never have it! So lucky you~

  5. lol. I thought it was a Fendi display too. I want that dog... I would remove all that stuff though.

  6. I'm surprised Shin actually wanted to go there. Haha. I've never been, but I've passed by so many times. BTW, I went to Amore after the gym on Saturday. I ended up getting this moisturizer stuff. How's that yogurt peel working out?

  7. LOL, I've been there with the bf too. Only, it was for a school project!!! HAHA.

    Oh gosh, look at those booties on the dog. hmm...Animal cruelty!!! but CUTE!! HAHA

  8. aww where's the bf going?

    My doggies have booties, for snow and such =P. Most doggies hate wearing them though.

    The skulls look like a nike shoe display!

    Ohh let me know if you find Paul & Joe around LA! I'm planning a trip in the near future.

  9. I'd love to get some P&J if they weren't so $$$$$$$$$! That dog is WAY too cute! I tried to put shoes on my puppies...complete FAIL! LOL!

    Take care when the BF's gone!

  10. ha my mom has been wanting to go check the tar pits out with me. haven't done so yet.

    poor dog.
    sometimes we would put zip lock baggies on my dogs paws and tie them w/ rubber bands to take him outside to poop when it was raining a lot. i would go out there w/ an umbrella to cover him too cuz he's mostly a house dog and we dont want his paws tracking in mud. lol he doesn't like wearing them so i can't imagine how a dog can wear booties. omg. thats retarded. dogs don't need shoes.

    aw where is your boyfriend going?

  11. those skulls really do look like shoes from afar. i want me a cute lil pooch! only in la will u see dogs with clothes and accessories.

  12. booties! super cute!! there are so many diva dogs in japan!