Saturday, October 11, 2008

FOTD: Neutral Look and Taking it Back Old School

So, I'm in the midst of cleaning out my room. Getting things packed in boxes slowly. Finding things that I didn't know I have, or just looking back at my youngin' days. Anyway, I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this picture LOL. But this was my favorite picture of us in high school (it's a picture of a picture). Can you believe this was more than five years ago??? It was the basic eyeliner and mascara days. Oh man, I was super dark before. LOL. Man, where did time go? It just breezed us by, and one thing you know we were already growing up and facing the real world.

Anyway, guess the other girl in the picture. HINT: She's one of the beauty bloggers and you might have seen her posts on ABB. You might not know about this, but she was one of my closest friends in high school. It was so trippy when I found her blog because as sad as it sounds, we lost touch when she moved and things and change happened. We had different paths and pretty much ended up doing our own thing for awhile. This whole blogging thing has definitely kept given me the chance to meet new people who share the same passion, as well as rekindle old friendships. Makeup unites people! I was just so ecstatic when I found her blog, and even better when we recently started walking down memory lane. It's just a bummer that we aren't attached to the hips anymore like we were before. But she'll always be my "mare" (good lady friend in Filipino) til we're old and wrinkly. Ride or dieeeeeeee! LOL.

Anyway, time for another FOTD! LOL. I used the palette that Vanessa gave me during the Pow Wow. I pretty much just used this palette for my whole eye makeup. It's a basic neutral look.

What I used:


MAC Soft Ochre p/p --- base
Modern Basic Mocha Move gel liner --- upper lashline
Sephora brown liner --- waterline
Stila Major Lash mascara

MAC Nuance
MAC Peachykeen

NYX B52 lipstick

LOL at the mugshots. I hate smiling with my braces with close ups, so I resort to the serious mug shot face. I can't wait til I get my braces off. Hopefully by the end of the year. Even better if it's sooner. I've already had them too long and one too many times. I really learned my lesson. I wanna get them out so I can start cheesin again. The seriousness is making me look I'm depressed and mad at the world LOL.

Ok, I'm back to packing. Ughh, I'm sooo tired. I just want to knock out and sleep already. I hate moving. I don't like where we're moving. Anyway... break time is over. I hope ya'll have a good weekend!


  1. very pretty look. the lippie makes you look very sophisticated =)

  2. AWW :) That's so cool that you found your old friend via blogging. Man, blogging is awesome!

  3. Pretty neutral look! I'm probably the only one that hasn't done a FOTD with that palette -__- haha

    Aw you look so cute in your old photo! It's so strange how time just flies by after high school.. it seemed to take forever when I was in it! haha.

  4. Aww still look just as gorgeous. You've always had nice skin huh?

    Pretty! It goes so well with your grey shirt!

    Did I tell you I like your hair?!?!

  5. Yay! You used the palette! It looks good on you! You look so cute and look at those lips! Shin is a lucky guy! HAHAHAHA

  6. ui! sino siya? i can't quite put my finger on it.. :) nice FOTD. re smiling, that's why i don't want to get my teeth fixed... :) loL! but you still look fab!

  7. aww i love the old school pic...memories!

  8. yellow fever: thanks!

    gee: yup! and pretty addicting too!

    joey: more of a reason for you to do one soon! but yea tell me about it. i remmeber in high school, i couldnt' wait to get to college, then by the time college came around i wanted to get out and get in the real world already, now I'm out in the real world... i wanna go back to high school or college... only cuz now i know I'm just getting old. lol.

    vanessa: Thank you for the palette precious! It's very pretty! And oh geez -____-*

    Shen: heehee guess who? I thought it was pretty easy no? I guess not?? Anyway, it's all worth it in the end. I really needed it before, and I'm glad I got it cuz I'll still be buck teeth right now lol. but this second time around, it's just due to laziness and not using my retainers when I was suppose to. but thanks :)

    Ate Ren: Sure is! I love looking at my old stuff. Just reminds me how silly I was and the antics that I got into.

  9. hey your palette :D loving the B52 on you too... btw I'm not gonna vote because I can't yet...I'm not U.S residence hehehe

  10. HOLY SHIT LMAOOOO! THATS MEEE ;[ Alyssa was all asking me if it was me. EWW I LOOK GROSS. asshole!

    But I miss you Anne ;] It is sad how we drifted away..but I'm glad we found each other through cyberspace HAHA. It's like a commercial or something! We needa hang out sooooon! Are you going to Kathy's thing saturday or sunday? Cause I think Rez is going on Saturday