Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Costume Test Run: Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

I honestly don't know what I'm going to be yet for Halloween or if I'm even dressing up for that matter. Luckily, our bi-weekly Friday off lands on Halloween, so if I do decide to dress up for the night, I'll have enough time. As far as plans go, nothing yet. We were planning on hitting up Santa Barbara, but that still up in the air. If anything I might go to the Opera?? with my girls.

You know what, we were actually planning on becoming SailorMoons. LOL. My friend was going to have her mom make us the costumes, but we didn't really have time to coordinate everything. That would have been cool though if the plan had pulled through. There's always next year!

For now, the only costume I have is my Dorothy one. My mom actually sewed it for me three years ago because I couldn't find a costume that fits me properly. Everything was so friggin big cuz I'm such a stick. My mom has some sewing skills. She also actually made all three of my gowns for the proms that I went to in high school. Pretty sweet! She used to sew for a hobby when she was younger, and had a kick at making my dresses when I was a toddler.

Here are the things I used for this look. I tried to exagerrate everything on my face. We all know that Dorothy was a small town girl from Kansas, Texas who lived in the farm, so obviously she didn't wear this much makeup, and like always, I pretty much just used whatever I have on my stash.

MAC Tete-a-tint e/s
Milani Java Bean e/s
Modern Basic Please Me e/s
Ardell 131 Falsies
MAC NightHawk eyeliner
Stila Major Lash Mascara

Everyday Minerals Medium Beige Semi-Matte
MAC True Romantic Blush
MAC Light Flush MSF

NYX Rea l/s
NYX Snow White l/s
NYX Hebe l/s
Paul & Joe 07 lipgloss

And for the look... I tried to curl my hair again. Lately, the curler has been my best friend. Luckily, I didn't burn myself this time. The curls would've showed up a lot nicer if my hair was longer. I used the falsies to dramatize my eyes a bit more and make it pop. Oh, and the blouse was from H&M.

And this was Dorothy when she found out she won't be going home anytime soon.

Here are some pictures from the Halloween my costume made it's first debut lol. The room where my full sized mirror is currently stash in a room where there's a whole lot of mess (we just moved). But this is pretty much how my costume looked like. I'm actually not wearing the tulle underneath the skirt to make the dress a bit poofy here. As you can probably tell, I'm not a big makeup wearer yet when this picture was shot. I think I'm going to put sequins on my red shoesies this time.

But which one would look better with the blue jumper? The H&M blouse or a tank top underneath??

And here's another costume that my mom did for my brother. The hat was from Downtown Disney. If you don't know who this character is... it's the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Look he even had a bunny to match his outfit. Yep, my mother dearest made the vest, coat, and even the tie. I've blocked my brother's face to protect his identity LOL.

And here are my friends who dressed as Alvin and the Chimpmunks. This was way before movie even came out. They were a hit at all the parties we went to.

I can only imagine how many girls are going to show up as school girls. I think that's the one costume that's overrated and needs to go away and retire already. Ok, I did dress up as one a long, long time ago, and I'm not even going to deny that. But let's change it up people! I understand that it's probably the easiest costume to throw to together, but let's be a bit more creative!

Show me your Halloween costume!


  1. Definitely the blouse!

    Your friends look funny! xD

  2. wow! those costumes are awesome! your mom CAN sew! i wish someone in my family could do that, it's just so useful!

    i love the your costume with the H&M top. :)

  3. This is awesome! I love the blue jumper, super cute. I think it's more Dorothy-like with the blouse, the tank top looks more modern. I'll show mine when it arrives... haha.

  4. how cool! i was trying to convince my coworkers to dress up as the whole cast of wizard of oz with me haha but i don't think we'll be able to do it :(

    you make a cute dorothy though :) & i think the blouse will look nicer

  5. omg amen to that "school girl" costume retiring... it's that or the "naughty nurse" LOL

    but you make for a fabulous Dorothy!!!, you could so pull off a Dorothy or perhaps even snow white!!!

  6. what a cute dorothy u r! i like the blouse better than the tank =)

    wow ur mom got some awesome sewing skills!

    LOL my word verification is "litholes"

  7. Hahah I'm loving the Alvin and the chipmunks costumes!!

    You look so cuute!! I'm loving the ringlet curls! Yeah, I wish my hair was long for curls too!!!

    Your mom has some mad skills! Your jumper is so cute! I think it looks more like Dorothy with the blouse, but if it's hot, the tank might be better.

    Np! I hope you get them during the sale!

    They are! I loved my co-workers and one of my managers dearly, but they really are slave drivers!

  8. ohh ur mom sews! soOoo lucky.. saves hella money =) u look cute in the dorothy costume! and i love those palettes i want it! lol i was a cat last year so this year ima be a cop =) its posted on my blog.. well i hope u find plans! itll be fun<3 99

  9. My grandma sew my prom dress too. :) and my bedsheets, and my curtains, and some dresses! haha! Saved me money :D

    Definitely the Blouse from H&M. Really cute! :D And your mom has some mad skills. Really cool! You can make your own boutique and sell it! haha!

  10. You look better than Dorothy! So cute!

  11. aw too cute!
    I think u should totally go for the blouse. it's more "dorothy" to me.


    im still trying to put my costume together but since i really don't have a job anymore i'm pretty strapped!! ergh!

    i have a sewing machine but its acting up and i'm not that great of a sewer. my costume needs a bit of alteration to it..
    i dont even know if it will work out.
    well good luck to you!!!
    you make an adorable dorothy!

  12. oh my dear you look fabulous! aren't you the cutest thing! :D awesome make up :)

  13. okay im so retarded... logged into my other account instead :P the comment above "phoebelina" was mine! :P

    you look totally cute! i like the blouse though :)

  14. i would go for the blouse too...u look so adorable i just want to pinch ur cheeks! he he

  15. How freakin cute!!!! You, your bro, and your friends!! What cute costumes!!

    I haven't dressed up since middle school, lol :P

  16. aww those are some cute/creative costumes!

  17. @yumyumsushi: that would've been super cool if you guys do end up doing it!

    @kimberly tia: I haven't seen much of the naughty nurse lately. I've seen a lot of cops sprouting though. i wanted to do snow white too! it'll probably suit me more just because my hair is short.

    @ainstein: LOL at the word verification.

    @angie: if anything your hair is longer than mine. I'm still debating whether or not I should even get the palette considering the excess amount ofo makeup I already have, that I barely use LOL. But, I wish I can say the same about my AE managers, but sadly they're not as cool as yours lol.

    @jesmakeup: the more i think about it, I think we'll probably end up staying in. maybe watch some horror flicks. if anything we'd be trick or treating along with the kiddies. lol. I don't think I'll be up for clubbing in my costume LOL.

    @iyah: ya seriously! saved me money too since I did go to three proms. And I actually like it more cuz no one had my dress nor did I have to worry about it. my mom is pretty artistic, but I wish I picked up on her sewing skills. I can't even hem my own pants LOL.

    @vanessa: awww thanks! lol

    @mimi: thanks meems! good luck on your costume though, but I think I know what you'll be based on your sneak peek. you're doing a pretty good job putting it together though! you have a few days and I'm sure you'll be able to tackle it.

    @gee: thanks sweets! I say you dress up this year! :)

  18. I think the blouse looks better. Zac and I have our costumes, but don't know where to wear them at yet. Haha. My mom also used to make my costumes when I was younger, and also made my prom dresses. I wish I knew how to sew! I never learned!