Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nordstrom Fall Trend Show and Dior Makeover

I mentioned in my previous post that I went to the Nordstrom Fall Trend show at my local Nordies on the day of the move. I actually woke up late going to this event since I was up pretty much all night packing my belongings, so I probably missed a good 15-20 minutes of the show and I didn't have the best seat in the house for me to take pictures. So you'll notice that most of the pictures are a tad bit on the blurry side since I had to turn off the flash to avoid looking too much of a papparazzi.

The brands who had a runway walk had awesome prizes that they were raffling away. Sadly, I didn't win any of the sweet goodies. They were giving away full sizes of: Chanel serum, Anastasia brow set, NARS Primer, YSL Touche Eclat and black gloss, Lancome set, T3 hair prouducts, Harajuku, and other high end good stuff. The only one who didn't have anything to raffle off... MAC. Cheap!


Although they had nothing to give away, they had the prettiest model IMO. She was so stunning! And her dress!!! They were promoting their Goldfever collection.

The lone guy in the audience. Surrounded by many other women. I think his momma dragged him to go to the show. He seriously looked bored out of his mind hahaha. And the pretty lady is not even enough for to keep him interested.

They had breakfast packed in the freebie tote they gave us upon entrance. So you know I was munching on this while watching the show.


I really don't know what they were thinking, or what the model is thinking for allowing other people to dress her up like that. I do not like her outfit at all... scratch that... her whole look. It was soo plain, drabby, and granny-ish. They could've probably have her worn a different top with that skirt or something if they really wanted her to wear that skirt. And her hair... I don't even know. She couldn't even walk in her heels either. Aiyaaah!


I don't understand why the other models had better outfits than that Lancome model. Anyway, the YSL model was soo adorable! She just looked so radiant! I'm not sure how I feel about her pants, but her shoes!! Her shoes were friggin beautiful!! It was pretty much the first thing I noticed when she started walking down the aisle (makeup second).

I tried to take a good picture of it, and this is probably the best one I could take. The MC said that they were Tory Burch shoes... but I couldn't find it on the Tory Burch or the Nordstrom website. They were sooooo pretty!!!


This was so cute. They had these four Asian girls dressed as Gwen's Harajuku girls. They performed a dance routine, and they were so adorable. And I just found it amusing how they were all the same heights too. Their hair was just exactly like the bottle figurines. So kawaii!


I mentioned before that I got my makeover done. As you can tell from the title, I got it done at the Dior counter only because I was planning to buy their Forever Compact afer getting inputs from some of you.

(all Dior unless otherwise stated)

Airbrush Foundation
Forever Compact #30

#609 5 Pan eye shadow palette
Sable eyeliner
Sand eye brow pencil
Iconic mascara

#127 Dior Addict

And how exactly do I feel about this? Well, I like my eyebrows. I really liked the pencil but $27 for an eyebrow pencil is just a bit too much. I like the palette as well because they glide like buttahhhh on your lids. Considering he also didn't have a primer or a base on my oily lids, the eye makeup held pretty well especially since we were moving. Too bad I couldn't say the same thing for the eyeliner as it smudged on my lower lashline.

As for the airbrush foundation, I told him it was too light and he kept insisting that it's a perfect match. I didn't like it cuz it looked too made up for me and too much of a mask once you go outside and look at it under natural light. I just didn't want to argue with him since I wasn't really planning on purchasing the foundation anyway, and I have no where special to go to.

This picture doesn't look so bad . It might have to do with where my car was at which was in a shaded area. Although, I do look a bit orange, ya?

Although, I was pretty impressed with the Iconic mascara! He didn't even curl my lashes and it was curled. It didn't volumnize my lashes though, but there wasn't any clumping either. I almost bought it!

Now, here's the same look under different lighting. It's white I tell you. You can clearly tell that I have foundation on. I hate that look. It also looks a bit on the ashy side. It just doesn't match my neck (check out my forehead).

Anyway, I ended up walking away with the powder. I still wanted to try it out by itself. The packaging is so luxurious just as any high-end makeup brand. It comes with a velvet cas as well to protect your compact from scratches in case you decide to throw it in your purse.

My verdict: I didn't like it by itself either. It gives me that powdery look that you can tell I have something on. It didn't look natural. And for some weird reason, although this powder was lighter, under natural lighting, it seemed darker compared to my neck. My bf doesn't like it either and he said he can clearly tell I have makeup on. My skin has gotten better after I started taking care of it, and he said he prefers that I don't have anything on at all and says I really don't need it. I just wanted a powder to even out my skintone a bit and control shine. But I just might drop that whole idea as a whole.

I might exchange this instead for the Dior HydrAction Tinted Moisturizer after reading and seeing Joey's review on it. I gave it try at my Sephora store and just quickly put it on, and it looks more natural than the powder, and it doesn't look like I have anything on at all. It also brightened up my face and gave me that glow!! But I'm not sure how much of a greaseball I would turn into at the end of the day since I didn't have it on for too long to know. However, it's a lot easier for me to use since it applies as a moisturizer. Really great for when I'm running late. I'm all about doing things easy squeezy.

Although that whole makeover and powder was a fail, I do intended on buying that lipgloss that he used on me. It was sooo pretty. Maybe the quad too, but I'm afraid I already have something similar to it. I didn't get to crazy with my purchases even though they had GWP offers at almost every counter. It was tempting but I managed to resist. I'm trying to save my future makeup purchases for the Sephora's Friends and Family sale though (20% off the entire store; Nov. 6-21, correct me if I'm wrong). It's not for awhile, but gotta get my list ready, and it'll really give me some time to think about things. LOL.

But with the Saks Fifth F&F discount sale, I might pick up a few things this weekend. Whatever Sephora might not carry (i.e. Chanel). Any suggestions?


  1. The foundation doesn't look too bad, really. Bummer to hear about the powder~

    I'm debating if I should get anything from the Saks F&F sale too, Chanel also, lol. Maybe Armani? Since it's Saks exclusive...Good time to buy La Mer.

  2. the foundation makes your skin look flawless, so flawless that it looks "made up". it sucks you didn't like the powder. i always do that, get high hopes on an item when i try it in store, then when i come home, i hate it, and then had to return it, argh hate returning cosmetics, they always give me dirty looks.

    i got my saks stuff already, just need to get my ass to post it. i got like 7 items only, boohoo.. i think you should take the advantage ot try Armani base make up. it's expensive, but i think their color selections and texture is far better than dior or chanel. I'm going to try my La Mer Tinted Fluid as soon as this stupid zit on my face goes away.

  3. The Lancome model looks like a customer who accidentally ended up on the runway. Totally agree with you, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

    The gold dress on the MAC model is FIERCE!

  4. i didn't even know sephora does sales LOL thanks for the heads up

    now u can tell i just got into makeup LOL

    the makeover looks great, but u are right the foundation is kinda light on ur skin but u still look gorgeous nonetheless :D

  5. awww girl! you look so pretty and your skin glows!

  6. I have Dior Addict 127 and I LOVE it! I wear it for work all the time. I tend to put it on top of all my lipsticks! The texture and color is great!

    The trend show looks like fun! I LOVE the YSL outfit!

    I had my makeup done at the Dior counter once too. It was with this Asian MUA from SF (she was "sooo good" they flew her in). They also used the airbrush foundation for me which looked pretty good. But no way in hell I'm buying such a messy foundation that's bound to get everywhere on me. And it really only looks great with that huge ass kabuki brush, so no thanks. She did an awful job on my eyes. She contoured my eyes all awkard and high up. I looked like a different person and she made my eyes appear smaller and more almond shaped.

    The eyeshadow colors they used on you looks great! It looks like you did your eyeshadow by yourself! It's very similiar to your own work. Yeah, I hate Dior's eyeliners too!

    Your cheeks look gorgeous though!

    OMG I'm gonna look right now on haha. Thank you!

  7. The first photo of you in the car looks perfect! But yea the other photos your face looked too light for your neck. What was he thinking?! I feel like MAs at makeup counters always put way too much makeup on me!! That's why I'm always scared to get anything done by them, hahaha.

    Too bad that compact doesn't work for you! I do agree powder is really hard to look natural. Paul & Joe's powder compact is supposed to be one of the best, and still it doesn't look as natural as when I use the liquid foundation.

  8. i actually think you look really pretty with the makeover! im not sure what is is but you look really polished...the foundation is a lil off though, i think tinted moisturizers are the way to go because powder can get a little too well, powdery, lol sometimes...i can't wait for the sephora f&f...finally i can pick up some of that MUFE on discount!