Thursday, November 20, 2008

And Here's a Public Announcement...

Holaaa muchachas!

Anyway, if you've been following me on Twitter, this might be old news to you!

I'm going back to visit the Motherland (Philippines) this Christmas. It was so unexpected and last minute that the fam just decided to go like few days ago. So you know what that means, extremely expensive plane tickets!! I hatee traveling during peak season for that reason!

I mean I've been wanting to go for awhile, but not really at this timing since the economy is down in the dumps right now, but we have to since my gramps is really sick. He's been in the hospital for sometime now, and my Lola (grandma) had asked us if we can spend the holidays over there ... just in case *knocks on wood*. But it's been two years since I was last there, and I can't wait to see my old childhood friends and of course the fam bams and spend REAL Christmas (unlike here in the States where it's just not the same, with or without snow).

Anyway, as of right now my flight from LAX to Manila is on December 21st. The date might change by Monday though. I'll be there until December 29th. I'll be hitting up Manila for sure and it's not complete without doing so.

So anyway, for my Filipino(a) readers, what do you think I should pick up while I'm there, makeup wise? What stores to go to, spots to hit up, and places to eat? Nightlife? Shopping? I've been to Club Jaipur, and it seems like a popular spot for people from the States vacationing for the holidays. It feels like home!

Even though we're going home for a sad reason, I'm actually pretty stoked that I'm going to visit home again. And for the Filipino(a) readers, I would love to meet ya'll. So let me know if any of you are interested in having a Pow Wow there :D! Might be a tad difficult though, but we'll work something out!


  1. that's so cool u get to go to go back to see ur grandpa, i bet he'll be happy to see ur family, I hope he gets better

    hope u have a great time there and a safe flight, how long is the flight?

    I remember my flight to vietnam was over 20 something hours :(

    I know what u mean i hate it when they jack up the prices during peak season blah

  2. that's good that you get to see your grandpa and that you get to travel back home.

    I was able to visit my grandpa one last time before he passed away and I'm glad I did, although I didn't have to fly to the other side of the ocean, I only had to drive up north for 3 hours.

    I'm very sure that he will be happy to see his family! If you meet up with the bloggers from the Phillippines you have to post up the pics! so exciting. I've never been to the Phillippines myself.

  3. Yeah you should really come and visit your grandpa. I'm sure u'll make him happy. If you plan to pass by Tiendesitas...I work near there I can show you around =D

  4. I hope your grandpa gets better! And going away for the holidays is always a nice treat, even if it's pricey.

    Oh geez, I can't wait to see what you bring back!!

  5. @Jennifer: On my last trip it took 16 hours going there then 15 hours coming back. I'm probably going to start reading Twilight while I'm there :). but yea it's ridiculous how prices are so jacked up.

    @j.rose: you have to visit PI at least once in your life. It's quite an experience. But lucky you, you only had to drive 3 hours. But yea the granddaddy is missing us, since it's been two years when we last saw each other.

    @Ury: Tiendisitas is the one in Greenhills or next to Megamall?? I would def. love to meet you!

    @Gee: We'll see if I'm going to be doing a lot of hauling. At that point, I probably shouldn't be spending much at all. haha.

  6. i do hope your Lolo is okay.

    ooohhh! clubbing! Embassy is pretty popular too, it's right next to Jaipur. then there's Piedra, Heirarchy, Mint, Ascend also in The Fort, if you don't wanna go too far.

    you might also wanna pass by Bonifacio High St. also in THe Fort ARea.

    then there's Greenbelt, GLorietta, RUstans (cause i'm a Makati girl) for shopping. hehe. there's clubs & bars there, but the ones in the fort is nicer.

    you should def. check out Greenhills too! that is if you don't mind the crowd.

    what else... as for makeup, well, we don't have a lot here... Paul & Joe maybe? or Shu Uemura? i bet it's even more expensive here...

    oh and everyone i know who visits always go to Mall of Asia! they have tons of relatively new shops and boutiques!

    whew! just in case you need to ask a few more qs don't hesitate.. :)

  7. it's great that you're going to PI for christmas, despite your grandfather''s health. Christmas over there is like nothing else, I went for Christmas 4 years ago (only went during the summer before that trip) and it's great to see how they celebrate the holidays overseas. And the weather was just awesome - sooooo much nicer compared to the humid rainy season in the summer!

    Hope you have a great trip :)

  8. i hope your lolo gets better.. :)

    well i havent been there since 06'

    i say go to mall of asia and spend the evening at the baywalk.. watch sunset and eat in one of the restaurants there..

    for nightlife..
    i went to Embassy and Basement before.. clubbing there is cheap compared here.

    for shopping..
    def check out Greenhills, Market Market or 168 Mall.. it's hella cheap.. just a bit crowded tho.

    they have the line Nichido i think at Watson's.. i like that brand.

    for food..
    omg! you have to try eat at Tokyo Tokyo and Yellow Cab. I really miss those. too bad we dont have it here in cali.

    so yeah..
    have a great trip anne!


  9. bout meeting some of us and maybe we can show you around!!:D

  10. sorry to hear about your lolo..

    by the way,were in the philippines will you be staying? i assume you'll be in manila? haha so far from me though..if you want to try asian brands, there are a lot of stores in the malls in can find the face shop and elianto..and i think you can find kanebo as well..i'm not updated at all..that's all i know :) if you want to go shopping for clothes, definitely try to visit all the department stores of SM or ROBINSON's or even landmark..hmm..168 or divisoria? But its too hot and crowded there..try to stick to malls nalang :) I hope you'll enjoy your xmas stay here in pinas!:)

  11. Tiendesitas
    Greenhills (if you can brave the crowd)
    168 (if you can brave the crowd)

    You gotta eat at Recipes (Greenbelt, Rob Place Ermita), Cibo, and this little resto (I forgot the name) near FEU - they have this bangus smothered with cheese, so fantastic!

    Oh I'd love a Pow Wow!

  12. i hope your grandpa is okay! i'm glad you get to go home though :) i haven't been in ummm 23 years? lol...this is going to be a great trip for you sis!

  13. @ sab: Thanks sab for the suggestions! Has a lot changed at the Fort? I was there two years ago and I saw that there were a lot of construction going on. But yea I'm familiar with the major malls there such as Glorietta, Rustans and Greenbelt since I did kinda grow up there too.

    Oh and I hit up mall of asia too when I went two years ago. OMG such a big mall!!

    Thank you so much for the suggestions!

    @ mayaari: yea there's definitely a huge difference in how they celebrate christmas there. I guess it also has to do that most of the people are either christian or catholic that christmas is a pretty big deal. And you just really feel it in the air because everything is decorated with lights and ornaments. But yea I'm pretty excited yet sad cuz of my grandpa's health. Hopefully he'll be ok.

    @ Laine: Thank you! OMG! I love Tokyo Tokyo! That was the on place I really miss when I moved down here in Cali. And it was soo much sweeter then cuz the one in Megamall was next to the Sanrio store hahaha. I haven't tried Yellow Cab, so I'll definitely look that up. Oh also Market, Market and 168 Mall. I've never heard of that place yet.

    @ Jaime: I would love to meet all you guys down there! Hopefully we'll get something working with our schedule!

    @ miemie: I'll be spending most of my days in Batangas, maybe like 2 days or something in Manila. But yea, I'm definitely looking forward to it :)

    @ shasta: I'll check those place out while I'm there. Thanks for recs!

    @ Ate Ren: I hope he'll be ok too. Despite of the reasons why we're going home, I'm pretty excited still! You should definitely go soon! It's a different experience :)

  14. Oh so exciting!!! But I hope your grandpa will be ok!

  15. wow! you're from Batangas? definitely go to Tagaytay! :)

    anyway, a lot has changed at The Fort area, there's Bonifacio High St. just near where Embassy is. it just a street full of shops and some restaurants, then there's Serendra, mostly expensive restaurants. and then across Serendra is Market, Market (the mall), also in The Fort Area.

    168 is i think in divisoria, i can't stand the crowd actually, but that's where the cheapest stuff are!

  16. I'll pray for your Lolo. & I know you will enjoy your still there.

    Buti ka pa makakauwi na. Ang tagal ko ng di nakakauwi. mga almost 6 years na ata. Ang mahal kase umuwi. Lahat nag eexpect ng pasalubong! ahhahaha.

    Take care & have a nice safe trip :D