Friday, November 21, 2008

MAC Hello Kitty Collection -- February 12, 2009

And it's finally here... the collaboration that we've been (or at least most of us) waiting for to happen, MAC and Hello Kitty Collection releasing next year February 12, 2009 (March 2009 for the International peeps).

So is this going to be bigger than the Barbie release? Will it have better packaging than this year's Spring collection, MAC for Fafi? We can only hope so!

Here are some images that we can expect for this collection:

The collection will have two lines: one regular color collection, and a higher-end and couture line.

Here's a brief rundown of what to expect and a summary of the article from WWD. To read the whole article, click here.

Hello Kitty Color Collection

  • 6 lipsticks ($14)
  • 6 lipglass ($14)
  • 2 tinted lip conditioner ($14.50)

  • EYES
  • 2 palettes ($38) -- Lucky Tom Quad: violet-blue, brown, gold, and pink coral shades; Too Dolly Quad: mint, blue-silver, pale pink, and magenta shades
  • 2 pigments ($19.50)
  • 2 reflects glitter ($17.50) -- blue and pink
  • 4 glitter eyeliners ($16.50)
  • black mascara ($12)
  • false eyelashes ($12)

  • FACE
  • 2 beauty powders ($22) -- a coral, poppy colored and hot pink blush
  • 3 nail polish ($11)

  • Hello Kitty Kouture
  • 2 Dazzleglasses ($28) -- with reusable silver chain pendant encrusted with Swarovski crystals
  • 3 Sheer Mystery Powder ($90) -- silver compact with Swarovski crystals; Available only in MAC Stores and

  • (Available at MAC stores,, and Nordstrom only)
  • Plush doll ($42)
  • 3 brush collection ($49.50)

  • (Available at MAC stores and
  • mirror ($22)
  • beaded bracelet ($34)

  • (Exclusive for
  • tote ($45)
  • soft vanity ($55)

  • I know most the Hello Kitty fans out there are squealing for joy. As a once Hello Kitty fanatic, I can't wait to see what this collection has to offer. Are we excited or what? What do you think of the collection so far? Will you be one of the people buying the whole collection?

    FYI: will open up a waiting list on Jan. 7 for these items.

    Credit: WWD and


    1. Totally going on the waiting list, lol.

      I must save all my money for this!

    2. looks cute but i wish it was more classic hello kitty w/ the red colors instead of black.

    3. i shall be on the waiting list for this one...i need to start saving my money!!

    4. ::: sheilding myself ::: don't hit me, but I must admit... i am NOT a hello kitty fan at all. =/

      but... but... buuuuuttt... I'm sooo gonna indulge on this collection cuz that packaging is to die for!

    5. I'll something from this just for the hell of it. Even if I don't like the colors haha. Did you know hello kitty is actually a lil girl without a mouth so she "speaks from the heart" ? she's not a cat! O_O ?! yah!

    6. Hmmm I haven't made up my mind about the packaging...

    7. swarovski crystals on powder compacts? plushie dolls? this is madness! or maybe its just MAC & Hello Kitty :D

    8. Hi, I've been lurking for about a week now and I gotta say that I love it! I've just started getting obsessed with makeup and I loved hello kitty when I was younger. So I might get it. Good thing I have some time to save up.

    9. @ Jennifer: this is probably the most awaited collab. but hopefully they'll have better packaging than the Fafi one!

      @ Gee: I think I can live and wait til it hit the stores. Thank goodness I work down the street from the mall.

      @ MiMi: yea seriously! When I think of hello kitty, it's more red or pink not really so much black. But I guess they are doing the whole Couture line, so black it is.

      @ Kawaiikao: haha so maybe no more hauling for awhile for the sake of the kitty? I hope the products is as good as we're all hoping it'd be.

      @ Imee: I WAS a hello kitty fan, then I just kinda outgrew it... but in the sake of makeup and cute packaging... i'm all over it too :)

      @ Le Midget: I read about that. Hmm.. hello kitty = a little girl? but why put whiskers and have cat ears if it's a little girl? maybe it's a girl cat? lol. I'll probably do the same.. just get something for the hell of it. haha so far the packaging looks pretty good to me.

      @ fuz: you'll have 3 months to decide! I'm just hoping they're not stickers.

      @ Vivi: I KNOW!! Hence why the prices for the sheer mystery compact is $90. It's even more expensive than the Dior LE one!

      @ Melissa: Welcome to the world of makeup! I remember when I just started out over a year ago. I didn't think it was going to be a big obsession of mine. After that it's been downhill from there xP.

      Yep, definitely plenty time to save up right now.

    10. hells to the freaking yea!! lol we've all been hearing about it and trying to imagine what the packaging could possibly look we know!

    11. So so so soooo cute! I can't wait! I don't really buy MAC lol but I will for Hello Kitty!! I bought from the Fafi collection .. didn't really like anything I got =( .. so hopefully this collection is better!