Monday, December 01, 2008

Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets

I finally ordered this book! I was actually looking for it at Border's yesterday but to no avail.

So, I checked and Amazon and lo' and behold, they have it! I got my copy at for $12.66 (retail price $19.95). Also free shipping on orders $25+ on items eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. Granted it goes through snail mail, but I'm in no hurry since I still have a few books to read.

Along with this book, I also picked up the second Twilight book (New Moon) in paperback since my local Borders was sold out already and the fact that it was cheaper at Amazon. I also got the Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces that I've been meaning to pick up. I think I have enough books to occupy my time.

I'm planning to bring my book when I fly out to the Philippines because I would be bored out of my mind especially that I'm traveling alone! So I'm saving my Twilight books til then HAHA. My parents and brother are heading over there days before, so it's just me. I can't bring my laptop cuz it won't be any good since there's no Wi-Fi where I'm going to be at and I don't want to risk losing it either. My iPhone is staying at home just to be safe since I don't want to get mugged there xP. I don't even think I can use it there either. Or can I?


  1. re iphone usage.. you would probably be able to use the iphone, if you have a jail broken one (meaning one that is unlocked), because you can just by sim cards (global, etc.)

  2. Share some good tips from the book!

  3. I know there are some people using IPhone in the PH,but im not sure if they can use it bec it is Smart or Globe connected.
    You have to go visit Greenhills or 168, snag some cool items. I hope you have fun with the PH pasko way =)

  4. Where will you be staying at the PHilippines? Man, when I went there (5 yrs ago) I can't stop sweating! The dirt, the traffic, oh man I almost died! hahah jk! but yeah I love the province better! :) Fresh air, white sand.. hmmm.. I miss eating tuyo and kamatis! :D

  5. I have an iPhone and I'm from the Philippines. It works fine once you jailbreak it. But I suggest getting a pre paid sim card once you're here. I remember on April this year I got my phone still with the AT&T sim. It worked but there was no reception. Anyway you can get sim cards here for really cheap as low as 30 PhP and definitely not over 300 PhP. :)

  6. i just ordered kevyn aucoin faces forward :) i'm excited!

  7. @ MJ: I guess I'm leaving my phone cuz I don't want to try unlocking it cuz it'll void the warranty. bummer.

    @ Mayhem: Sure will once I get it!

    @ MaryJoyce: I love Greenhills. I grew up shopping there when I used to live in PH. I dont think I've ever been in 168 even when I went to visit.

    @ Iyah: For some reason, I don't remember sweating too much while I was there. haha. MMM... I miss hilaw na manga with bagoong! and Dirty fishball and ice cream hahaha.

    @ clear iris water: I'm forgoing the idea of unlocking my phone. I don't want to lose my warranty since I still have a year and half of it til my contract ends LOL.

    @ Ate Ren: yay! It's the makeup book must have for all the beauty junkies.