Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sneak Peek: MAC Hello Kitty Collection Product Images

Probably the most anticipated MAC collection for 2009 is the Hello Kitty collection. Here are some of what you can expect on February 12. Thank you for the sneak peek product images!

*Is it just me or is it quite funny how the girl is dripping milk all over herself??

Eyeshadow palette

Lucky Tom palette (bottom): Stylin (violet blue), Lucky Tom (a gold pearl), Creme Royal (yellow wheat gold) and Paradisco (pinky coral). Too Dolly palette (top): Too Dolly (a midtone mint), stately black (rich blue with silver) Yogurt (pale pink) and Romping (rich magenta).

Lipgloss in Nice to be Nice and Nice Kitty
*Let's keep our fingers crossed that these aren't stickers slapped on like the Fafi ones.


Lipstick in Purrfect and Fashion Mews.
*Can you see the Hello Kitty imprint on the lipstick *dies*

Lip Conditioner and blush

Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish and the blush in Tippy

Pigment in Very Pink and glitter eye liner in Kitty Power.

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I really hope they're not stickers again! So, Yay or nay? Have these product images even excite your panties even more to get hauling for this collection? Are you more likely to save your pennies now?


  1. Hello Kitty! How cute on MAC products. Thanks for posting about this.

    Anyway, I was just browsing around and came across your page. Nice to meet you.

  2. i was really excited for this...but now that i'm looking at it the colors aren't that great :((
    maybe if swatched it'll be different

  3. Thanks for posting. I was really looking forward to this collection but now I'm very disappointed. Nothing really appeals to me and not even the packaging is that cute imo. I don't really like HK in black.

  4. The packaging isn't as cute as I expected ( I actually kind of dislike it), and I don't think it's worth the money. I'll probably just get the blush and glitter eyeliner because they look nice.

  5. i want the lip stuff! so cute : ) thanks for sharing the pics!

  6. Yeah, I hope these aren't stickers as well hehe. OMG I can not wait *biting fingers* O_O
    I like this post a lot oxox

  7. personally i was hoping a lil more for the packaging, but i'm still going to pick up a whole but load of stuff...maybe even doubles since this will be the big collection of the year

  8. hi! thanks for posting. I don't know if i could resist the temptation on buying this collection,probably I can't and will really end up buying some lipconditioner and the blush looks nice. .mmm..let's see..hehe
    have a nice day!

  9. I'll share my wedding pics soon!:) The lippies are too cute! If I do buy them, I think I will just have them for collection purposes! hhahah!They're too cute to use :P

  10. Thanks for posting! I think I might get just a lipstick because the tube is cute, but other than that it's not very creative...:( I'm still mad they didn't come out with brushes.