Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stila Winter Warehouse Sale in Los Angeles!!

For my LA readers, who loves Stila makeup, here's your chance!

Stila is having a Warehouse sale this Saturday, December 13 from 8 AM to 2 PM! Get your Stila Cosmetics for 50% to 80% off retail price!

Arive early! You don't want all the good stuff gone!

Where: 1161 Vine St. Hollywood, CA 90038
Between Lexington and Santa Monica

No Backpacks, strollers, or large handbags allowed inside. Purchases limited to $600 max per customer. Cash and credit cards ONLY!

I think I'm going to have to schedule my morning dentist appointment LOL. So who's going?? Let me know so maybe we can bond over makeup :).

Thank you Erika from and Total Beauty for sharing this information!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Stila is where I get most of my brushes that aren't MAC & my beloved brow powder so thanks hun!

  2. My goodness Anne! why is it soo far? aw! I need to stop spending! :(

  3. lucky californians! one day i'm going have to move to cali just for all these makeup sales!

  4. @ Yas: No Prob. I hope I'll run into you there!

    @ Iyah: you'll be in LA already though. it's just a few more miles. haha let me know if you're going.

    @ makeuprenren: I think you guys should just relocate period. Pow wows at least once a week! ahaha.

  5. I think my debit cards and wallet just ran away from me.... omg ANNE... the torture!!!!

  6. Bad Anne....

    ....must resist....

    ....must say NO....

    ... must fight the temptation... woman did you not just see my HAUL-eday damage I barely just recovered from?? How about I just live vicariously thru your purchases... yeeeeeeeeee that works for me! PUWAHAHAHHHAHAAA

  7. Have fun there! Warehouse sales are great. =P

  8. thanks anne for the great tip hopefully the bf would come if not i'm rolling on my own thank you again

  9. I'm going to be going! How early are you going to get there? I'm trying to decide when I should go. At 8 or before?