Thursday, December 11, 2008

Storage Solution: I <33 IKEA!

I've been in a major search for my makeup storage for quite some time now. The sterilite drawers were just not cutting it for me. I just don't like how they look on my vanity dresser cuz they're so plasticky to me (but, I do like the one that the Container Store carries which is a way nice plastic drawer).

After searching high and low from all the stores that I could possibly think of that carries some storage containers and what not, my last hope was IKEA. I mean they are bound to have something right? It's like the only place where you can buy everything for your house in one stop. It was my last place to check out since I've ran out of places where I can possibly find a small drawer to house my makeup. So I drove to Burbank to see if they have any.

And lo' and behold there it was. Something that I've been looking for. My makeup organizer.

So immediately, I picked it up. It was the last one with that style of drawers I wanted... it was definitely meant to be. And, the best part is, it was only $14.99! Not too shabby, but then again everything in IKEA is a DIY project, so obviously this was one of those assembly required. I didn't mind cuz I do have some extra time ever since the BF has been gone. But this project took longer than I thought since I started it over the weekend and just finished last night! But, I was being anal with how I was assembling it.

Anyway here's a picture of me getting started with it. This step was probably the most time consuming one. Staining the wood. I didn't like how the wood looked like, but it's the type that you definitely kinda have to paint or stain it to make it look decent if you care that much. So it took about half a pint of stain just to coat one side of each piece (except the bottom part of the drawers) for the whole box. I was not about to stain each side with four coats, so I only did the ones that has some outside exposure.

It was a painstaking ordeal, but well worth it at least for me. If you decide to get this, I suggest that when you're trying to assemble the drawers, try to hold it with rubberbands first to keep the corners together when you're trying to hammer the nails down. It also helps heaps if you have a nail gun. It'll seriously take a one-eighth of your time rather than you having to sit there and hammering away. I had my dad nail gunned most of the drawers so I could just finally finish it.

And here is the final product. I also put those slider foams(?) underneath the drawer so it doesn't scratch my vanity in case I do drag it on top of it.

Also, before I nailed the side of the drawers together, I lined the bottom part with a stick-on vinyl sheet (the ones that you use for the kitchen), so in the even that anything spills inside, I can easily wipe the bottom off, and I just didn't like how ugly the wood looked like without it too. HAHA. So I just chose a beige liner.

Here are some other options of drawers that IKEA has. Maybe you'll like the other styles better than the other? (Pointing out the obvious, my drawer is the one on the bottom right)

Here is a before picture of how my makeup station looked like. It's a bit cluttered because of the plastic drawers and containers I had. Oh, and the plastic drawers didn't match my furniture in my room, hence why I wanted to get rid of the plastic.

And here's how it look like now! Much better. I'm glad that the four coats of stain worked out just fine. I gave my new drawer an antique feel to it hehe.

Here's just a quick view of my humble makeup collection of what ever is visible in the image. Not all of them are pictured since they're in the drawers of my vanity, and I didn't really want to take it out. These storage items were from the Container Store. See how that plastic drawer (that I mentioned earlier) looks so much better? And that case that's holding my MAC palettes is just a DVD holder.

Here's the first row of drawers. Lots of crap in the middle. I don't have much MAC potted eyeshadows because it's either I depotted them or I sold it already.

And my lippie stuff. Notice how most of them are still in a box... especially my Dior. I haven't touched it since I got it from the Sephora F&F sale. har har.

And there's no third row. I didn't fill that one up yet.

But there you have it, another storage solution for those who might be in need of some organization in life. Ok, now I can seriously stop looking for it. I love organizing my makeup! Oh and this time, it'll be heck of a lot easier for me to sort through my stash! Wee!

How do you store your makeup?


  1. Oh wow Anne! I can't believe you assembled that by yourself! I could never assemble anything! :P and wow you have lots of mac palettes! *envy* really nice and that dvd case is a brilliant idea! I should do that but I only have 2 MAC palettes. :p

  2. AMAZING!!!! I would never have the patience for this - I just bought mine ready made and simple from Muji!

    I love that you have gone to all this effort - sssooooo worth it!

  3. wow that matches ur dresser perfectly, good job miss handy woman! i actually ordered a bunch of my stuff from office max through work (shhh, lol) and it's a clear plastic that's really hard (not like the cheap sterilite)...i'll take a pic sometime to show you!

  4. ohmigosh! i love your new makeup storage!! :)

  5. i thought it would be much bigger, from the looks of the first couple pix. but that thing looks like the perfect size! and to be honest, i almost can't belive u haven't filled the 3rd row yet, u've got a lotta makeup!

  6. Great job hermana!!!
    I am currently using several -get this- cutlery holders (yup, like the ones in your kitchen drawer) and they make me happeeee

  7. I have the firas, too! I have two of them stacked, the bottom is the three drawer one for larger palettes and one drawer i put my everyday makeup in. i love them, but 8 nails per drawer was kind of ridiculous!

  8. Woah you built that all by yourself! ONe reason I hate Ikea is because it's too much work.. imo, hahaha. But that drawer looks great on your vanity! You really did a good job matching the stain. Yay for organization!

  9. Wow, the staining sounds like alot of work but it looks great!! It matches your vanity perfectly!

    I need something like that!! My makeup storage is frankly becoming quite an issue -_-;; My Ikea is about 1.5 hrs away though :P

  10. i definitely to organize! i love how you organized your things & i envy you collection.

  11. Very nice and organized -_0. I like how Ikea's goodie matches your vanity dresser. Sweet :D Golf clap hehe oxox

  12. thats sooo coool!!my makeup area is sooooooo meesssyy!! I need a area with a makeup is sitting on top of a i need to go to ikea..i love that inspiring!


    <3 Penelope

  13. Thats a cool upgrade u got there.. Looks like u put a lot of heart & soul into ur new box lol.. and the payoff is great! where did u get that dvd holder 4 ur palettes? :)

  14. You are incredible for fixing that chest of drawers by hand. It couldn't have been easy! I like how you painted them in an apt shade too.

    They used to be sold whole/pre-assembled. I had them for several years and they kept my makeup fresh and clean for ages! :) I've since upgraded to MUJI chests of drawers but I think about the Firas fondly. :)