Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving at Sin City!

So we're back to reality again! Break is over, and it's back to work (Nooooo!). Anyway, as most of you know by now, the BF and I spent our last weekend together in Vegas to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was definitely fun and I wish it was longer.

We left Thursday morning. I woke up late so we ended up leaving around 8 am. It was smooth sailing up until we hit traffic in San Bernardino because of the rain. My bf tells me that Californians can't drive in the rain and I have to agree since once it starts pouring, people get in all sorts of accidents. The weather was pretty weird as it would rain and then stop then rain again.

We basically got to Vegas around 1 pm and checked-in at Mandalay Bay where we were staying. After checking in, we went out grabbed food at Sonic! Can't be in Vegas without dropping by at Sonic since we don't have it here in California (well we found out we do but it's in Victorville which is way too far of a drive). So we took the food back to our hotel since the BF wanted to eat in the room... and look at the view.

After filling our stomach, we pretty much just did the touristy stuff and walked around. We were trying to get hungry again so we can eat at the Wynn buffet as our Thanksgiving dinner, but that didn't end up happening since the line was THREE hours long and they close in THREE hours by the time we got there. So we skipped that and hit up an Italian place at the Venetian hotel called Calanetto to have dinner. You guys have to drop by there because the food is soo delicious!!!! It aint no Olive Garden! And, you bet I cleaned my plate. I always like going to the Venetian when I'm in Vegas since it's pretty much the closest thing to being in Italy. And just the settings inside trips me out cuz it's always "daylight".

Afterwards, we just walked around for a bit to kill time to wait for the shuttle to take us to the outlets for some midnight shopping. The shuttle broke down cuz the bus driver seemed incompetent. After 45 minutes of being stranded in the freeway, the other shuttle finally came to pick us up which by the way was freezing inside. We asked her if she can turn the heater on, and she said it wasn't working only to find out she had the AC on full blast the whole time. So I was a bit irked at that cuz I couldn't take my nap! Because of the delay we got a free cookie and a drink. LOL.

So we got to the outlet almost an hour and a half til they started. Luckily, it wasn't packed. I mostly bought clothes for work, and two lipglosses (Heatherette and Neo Sci-Fi) from CCO. The Primm Valley CCO had most of the LE Beauty Powders, Cool Eyes Royal Assets palette, mostly Matte eyeshadows in a pot, brushes (219, 224, etc), and many more. They had a pretty good selection but nothing really that I needed.

We got back to our hotel around almost 6 and slept til 2 pm the next day. We hit up the Wynn buffet and then gambled (I turned my $20 to $125, but ended up only with another $20 at the end cuz I kept playing) for a bit at New York, New York while we wait for the 10:30 pm showing of Zumanity (Cirque du Soleil). If you get the chance, watch it. You have to be at least 18 yo to see the show though since it's the more "sensual side" of the Cirque du Soliel shows. I've never seen soo many bare ta-tas my whole life in one sitting. It's almost like being at a strip club, but not really cuz they're not just dancing for paper dollars. The show was indeed very entertaining and funny. It's not all boobs, whips, and sexual lines, but insane acrobatics. Holy cow, the girls are super flexible. They had some of the characters outside prior to the show, so we took pictures with them since cameras or videos aren't allowed during the show (See Below).

Anyway, I'm going to cut the details now and just show you some pictures!

Mandalay Bay Hotel. Chea!

Mmmmm Sonic burger with Vanila Malt!

View from our room. Kinda blurry though, but you can see the Luxor pyramid ya?

Inside Palazzo

At the Venetian by the gondola ride

Outside the Wynn Hotel

Alexander McQueen inside the Wynn

Still at the Wynn distracted by shiny objects

My dinner at Calanetto at the Venetian. Bombass lasagna!!!!

This picture has more CHEEESE than my food.

Can't leave without eating dessert! Tiramisu *drooooolz*

Walking around the strip. I love my glow here, not the bloated feeling!

Second night in Vegas. By the bridge at Fashion Show Mall. HUGGGGGGGEEEEEE mall!!!! They seriously have every store in there that you can think of.

At the Zumanity Theatre in New York, New York. He's really short in real life.

Hahaha omg! I honestly didn't realize her whole costume was like that. We were wondering how come she's only "normal" or "regular" looking (relative to the other ones we've seen) out of the bunch. But I guess not if you closely look at her costume. I don't know why that didn't register in my head at the time HAHAHA. And look at my bf posing lol.

My bf thinks he looks like one of the Twilight guys, and told me to take a picture with him, but he had to take it at a bad angle.

The guy with the creepiest voice and costume. He told me to touch his nipple LOL. And you can clearly tell I'm laughing while my picture gets taken.

Vegas was so much fun. I wish it didn't have to end. I wish my bf didn't have to go. It still hasn't hit me yet, but it will once the weekend hits cuz that's when we usually really spend time together. But right now, I'm still thinking he'll be back in two weeks just like his usual trips when he goes back home. Ok, maybe it won't hit me til next year since I'm going to the Philippines in about two weeks also. But it'll be weird. It was just so sad seeing his apartment so empty before we left.

I need to get a webcam soon though. Can anyone recommend a good webcam and where to get it?

Anyway, I bought two books yesterday. I finally bought the Twilight book (I want to see what the hype was all about) and the You Being Beautiful (only because it was 50% off at Borders yesterday) so I can keep myself occupied. I'll try to do more videos now that I have the time in the world (kinda), and get some sleep! I'll maybe even pickup a second job if I have to. HAHA. Go to makeup school? Crack open my GMAT book and actually plan on taking my GMATs? Anything that'll occupy my time!

And that was my weekend. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with the people you love!

Ohh, and something beauty related, if you're dropping by Vegas and you're still looking for an Amore store, I actually saw one on the plaza at Wynn Rd and Spring Mountain Rd, next to the 99 Ranch Market. I didn't get to check it out since we were just driving by and on the way back to the Valley.


  1. anne!! it looks like you had a GREAT time! i'm happy that this will be a lasting memory for you :)
    take it easy!

  2. LV baby! Whatever happens in vegas STAYs in vegas! .
    Well you've given me ideas on what to do on my 21st if I'm still going to Vegas, which is still in the air.
    Aws, to you & your bf, it's okay. Everything will work out just fine for you two. Webcams. . I have no idea. . try out logitech ones? Usually that works pretty well.
    There's a sonics in socal, I think it's the only one in anaheim. It's kinda ghetto but it's still SONICS. It's off of Lemon street off the 5, a lot closer then Victorville, eek!

    Have a great week! :D

  3. aww you and your boyfriend are soo adorable! no matter what happens in the end im sure things will work themselves out. *sigh* but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! and there appears to be quite a number of interesting characters at the the zumanity theatre, huh? haha!

  4. @ yumyumsushi: Thanks :)

    @ LoveSHARA: I've heard about the Sonic in Anaheim, but I didn't think it was true. But yea it's way closer than driving to Victorville. Of all places they can put a Sonic it had to be in Victorville -__-*

    But yea, Vegas is the place to be for your 21st birthday. Clubs are way hotter than the ones in Hollywood. Free drinks for the ladies too! Free drinks when you're gambling!

    @ Vivi: Thanks :) and I sure hope so. Yea we didn't expect that the show would be something like until moments before the show when we started seeing the ads at New York, New York. We were suppose to see Ka instead since we've been seeing commercials for it but the available tickets were a tad bit expensive already. But we did enjoy the show! My bf thought it wasn't going to be so great cuz he thought it'll be about animals. cuz of the title (he was thinking of a zoo -___-*).

  5. logitech makes some decent webcams. I have an old cam for my PC but it still seems to work well whenever my old ass dell can function.

  6. Vegas is always a blast! I'm glad you had so much fun~ And you looked adorable with that glow!

    So sad for you that your BF is leaving, :[[[ I'd cry!! Did you cry?

  7. that lasagna made me hungryy... cute pictures!! :)

  8. you guys look so good together

    and hang in there


    p.s logitech webcams are really good and u can also try services like pingo and skype

  9. im glad u had a great time!
    my fav pic is when u guys are eating desert. its so cute plus the ppl are all blurry lol.

    whats with crotch woman? or man?

  10. aww what a great trip! i still haven't been to vegas over and your bf are so cute! fyi, i use a webcam to film all my videos and take my pictures, after 3 failed webcams, i settled on the logitech quickcam from for about $90

  11. awww looks like you had a great time!!!

  12. i love the venetian! i wanted to go on the gondola rides the last time i was there, but they were going to close before i got there :(

  13. Haha the nipple touching pic made me laugh.

    That scary looking wannabe tall guy kinda reminds me of that faun Mr. Tumnus from The Lion The Witch & the Wardrobe. LOL

    Glad you had a fun time in Vegas.

  14. haha awesome! i was in vegas for thanksgiving too! we stayed at the wynn =) i wish we couldve met up or something hahaha. we were thinking of eating at the buffet but the dealers were telling us that the lines were soo long and that you had to at least wait a couple of hours. we ended up eating at the prime rib loft at the orleans.
    i soooo wanted to go to the outlets but my bf's mom told us that the outlets were gonna be closed because its thanksgiving so we ended up not going =( what a bummer!
    glad u had an awesome time there! we didnt wanna go when it was time to leave =P

  15. cute vegas pix! u look so pretty n a lot different from ur makeup pix too.. sooo adraoble =)

  16. Zumanity??!

    I think I could get a job there!! I am serious!!

    BTW I am renaming you on my blog roll! hahaha