Thursday, January 15, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Spring 2009... New Product Photos!!!

I think I just had a change of heart about this Hello Kitty business after seeing these photos from Roselyn of Makeup Makes Me Happy. She was fortunate enough to be part of the unveiling of MAC's Spring 2009 Hello Kitty collection (back in November!!!) and she's sharing to us unlucky ones who have to wait til it releases in stores (however, do check your local MAC stores if they're holding an event for an early reveal of the collection).

I'm definitely picking up the Lucky Tom palette and the nail lacquer... and maybe a DazzleGlass.

Click on the pictures to enlarge...

Credit: Makeup Makes me Happy

Did these photos impressed you enough? Are we at least a teeny bit excited now?


  1. WOW!! Great HK pics! I want all those lip glosses! SO PRETTY! I'm seriously drooling.

  2. Aw the model is cute! Yes, these photos are way more enticing.. I will probably pick up at least one thing now!

  3. the collection looks great and all... but i can't help staring at the blonde girls arm... look how thin she is!

  4. Thanks for letting us know about these! The products do look better here especially the swarovski compact. Now I'm seriously considering getting it...even though it is really expensive!