Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crisco > Creme de La Mer???

"At bedtime, I put Crisco on one half of my face (did I just say that) and Crème de La Mer on the other. (The creator of La Mer is probably rolling over in his grave right now.)

Cut to 9 hrs later. The La Mer side was plumper, and perhaps slightly softer than the Crisco side, but in my magnifying mirror, the pores on the La Mer side looked clogged (bigger).

The Crisco side was much firmer and had no clogged pores."

via babyassface

Here's a post that I came across comparing Crisco (you know the vegetable shortening) with the coveted Creme de La Mer which costs almost a leg. I'm just both surprised and kind of in awe.

First, of all, who's idea was it to smear Crisco on your face and actually thought it would work? I'm kinda skeptical yet actually curious just to see if it'll do me any miracle. But according to the reviews on, Crisco seemed to be getting positive and glowing reviews from users averaging 4.5 lippies. Granted, less people (in comaparison to La Mer's reviews) have actually tried using this product as a moisturizer (face or body). But then again, I never really heard about it until now.

I've never tried La Mer nor justified to buy a $130 teeny tub of moisturizer for that matter. I'm usually open to cheaper alternatives (that works) with skincare. However, I still don't know how I feel about slathering vegetable shortening on my face while I sleep.

Has anyone tried using Crisco as an alternative to moisturizer? If you have, what were your experiences with it? If you haven't, would you try it?


  1. interesting...are you going to try it? i've used jojoba oil and vaseline jelly but not sure about crisco haha.

  2. I'm not sure if I'm that willing to try crisco on my face, but I am curious. Maybe if I get curious enough, I'll eventually do it? Haha. I also have tried jojoba oil and that one worked for me. I mean it's not as bad as a kitty litter mask?

  3. Wow, I can't believe someone would try that.

    I would rather put something like avocado oil, rosehip, grapeseed, or jojoba oil on my face. Those are natural and actually have vitamins and antioxidants beneficial to the skin. They are also relatively cheap (thought not as big bottle as Crisco) Crisco may provide some sort of moisture, but it's doing nothing for your skin except making your skin moist from the oil. Gross. D:

  4. yeah i've heard of this too. people claim that la mer reminds them of petroleum (however you spell it). so when i found that out..i was like wow okay whatev. nowadays people can take something simple, slap a name brand on it, and make tons of money off of it.

    BOOTS from target has a Super Balm for the face and it has argan oil, shea butter, almond oil, and beeswax in it. I tried it on my face one night and din't break out. I tried it on my really dry feet last night and today they look healthy and not dry at all. Just in case you wanted to try something else besides

  5. Ok, I was skeptical too about Crisco. My sister suggested it - she has really dry skin and has tried everything. She is also allergic to everything. She tried Crisco and loves it. I noticed her skin was smoother looking (we both use mineral makeup). I tried it and am pleasantly surprised. After a bath, while skin is damp I use it as a moisturizer. One does not 'slather' it on....Crisco melts at body temp and you really don't need a lot.
    Something I also noticed. I ride a motorcycle and my skin gets really dirty (in the wind). I use facial cloths to remove makeup and have noticed that there is a huge difference in the amount of dirt on my face after riding.
    I think some folk may be under the impression it is greasy/oily. It's really not - it absorbs into my skin quickly. IMHO.