Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Be Right Back.

Yes. I know. I am pretty lame for not updating my blog. But perfectly good and valid excuse... I finally moved out (yay!), so I'm still running errands and finding out little by little that I need this and that to even live in my own place. Not to mention a whole lot of cleaning and organizing as I settle in to my new pad.

With that said, I still don't have Internet connection. I am blogging from my laggy iPhone. So any online activities are currently done through my phone. Hopefully I'll have Internet by the end of this week because I have a lot of pictures!!! From IMATS, to Pink's pow wow, and not to mention my 4th of July trip. I also have pending reviews for Urban Decay nail polishes, MUFE Duo Mat foundation, and more! So I have stuff brewing right now just no connection to the Internet galaxy.

So that's my quickie update. Hopefully, the next time I sign on I'll have pictures galore for you!



  1. Hurry back! I like this new it new or have I been reading your blog from google reader too long? =P

  2. yay ur back! =] this sounds SO stakerish but i think i saw you at IMATS near the fake eyelash booth? but i wasn't sure it was you! LOL