Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer, summer time!: Summer Breeze Look

I was going through my old face of the day posts from a year ago, and my favorite one using NARS Mediteranee duo eyeshadow. I was inspired and decided to recreate the look but put a little spin to it.

I never thought orange eyeshadow would touch my lids like... ever. But it can be surprisingly wearable, and it's probably one of my favorite eyeshadows to wear if I want something a little playful.

And omgee, guess what I actually made a video! I was trying out my new camera to test whether or not it'll give me a better quality video, but I guess I'll have to mess with the settings more or save it in a different setting on Windows Movie Maker. This video took longer to edit than I can imagine -___-*. Any tips?

What I used:
88 eyeshadow palette
NYX eyeliner in Sapphire
MAC Blacktrack gel eyeliner
MUFE Duo Mat Foundation
MAC Redhead MSF
Kiehl's lip balm

That's all folks! Happy Friday!


  1. Been a silent follower, but had to say you're so pretty! What skintone are you? I'm Filipina too, and I've been looking to try new foundations.

  2. @Adira: thanks! I actually don't know my MAC shade, but for MUFE's Duo Matt Foundation, my shad is 203. I have golden/yellow undertones.

  3. great tutorial, this look is so pretty! :)

  4. ...that colour certainly suits you - chic and understated at the same time. I doubt I'd like it on me, but I'm going to give it a try ~ thanks.