Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Few random bits...

So as I lay here on my bed feeling like death (ok that's a bit of an exaggeration), I've been fiddling around online. You see I caught a bad flu after my trip to San Francisco. Just going from a 50 degrees winter-like weather (that's considered winter in LA) to a scorching 100 degrees summer weather in the span of an hour just didn't make my body happy. Not to mention, I have an immune system of a 90 year-old.

Since I had some time on my hands today and had full-access to a computer, I've decided to ultimately make this blog strictly dedicated to beauty, makeup, and a little bit of fashion. All foodie posts will now be on a separate blog: http://anneappetite.wordpress.com (get it? get it?). You can also find my review on yelp at http://yummiebitez.yelp.com. So check, check, check them out!

And just to end this post with a shameless plug, yummiebitez.com has its own Facebook page now! It's about time, I guess, since everything revolves around Facebook now these days.

Also, since I'm at it already, don't forget to follow me on Twitter if you're not doing so yet. You know, for less than 140-characters microblogging :). Follow me @yummie_bitez.

Paws up! xoxo

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