Monday, October 18, 2010

Lookbook: Blueblocking Disneyland

Forever 21 blue tank, dark grey skinny; H&M satchel; Urban Outfitters stripped long cardigan; Hollister belt; Aldo fedora hat; Puma flats; Blueblockers sunglasses; RayBan Wayfarers Squares.

This past saturday, the bf and I spent the whole day in Disneyland as a late birthday trip (it wasn't my actual birthday that day, but I wanted the pin anyway :)). It drizzled in the morning and was overcast for the most part, but it was actually not that bad walking around the park with a little moisture in the air. We were a bit worried that it might start pouring, but the sun actually came out later in the afternoon.

Do the sunglasses look familiar? I actually just borrowed them from the bf for the day. They're the same glasses from the movie "The Hangover" haha. And the Wayfarers are the bf as well. I have perfect vision so I don't need prescription glasses. Although, I wouldn't mind owning them as sunglasses. They sit so perfectly on the bridge of my flat nose!


On a different note, Entourage is consuming my life right now. I'm barely getting caught up with the episodes (yes, I know, what took me so long) but we're half way down to the third season. The show is too addicting! So product reviews are currently on hold and random outfit posts are becoming fillers for now. Sorry!

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