Friday, December 03, 2010

Steal the Deal: Two Rock & Republic Blushes for $15

Yes, you read it right, I bought two R&R blushes for only $15 for BOTH!

Some of you may know that Rock & Republic blushes do go on sale for $20 each (retail $40) at Hautelook ever so often (click here for an invite). With it's luxe yet heavy packaging, I understand where the original price tag of $40 comes from. I've always wanted Rock & Republic Blushes, but I'd always miss out on the sales when they do have it. But things happen for a reason, because now I was able to snag two R&R blushes for only $15 (+shipping & tax). Way better deal if you ask me.

Here's how you can get in with the deal:

1. Sign up for an account on Rock & Republic using a referral link. So how this works, is if you sign up using a referral link, we'll both receive a $25 credit to use at *Limited to one credit per order. (You'll only get the $25 credit if you use the referral code. I tried just signing-up [using a different e-mail address] directly from the website and I didn't get the $25 credit). Your $25 credit will appear automatically at check-out.

2. Enter promo code "ROCKCOSMETICS" at check-out and receive a discount of 50% off. The code only applies to a minimum purchase of $75+ (retail) worth of cosmetics into your cart.

Extra deets:
* Shipping is $0.99.
* $25 credit applies on first purchase when you sign-up.

And here's some proof just in case you're skeptical:

* I had to pay for sales tax for living in CA.

If you've been wanting to try R&R cosmetics for awhile now but have been hesitant because of the price tag (even if it were on sale already), here's your chance to mix and match with whatever R&R cosmetic items you want to buy, as long as the total retail price comes out to $75 at check-out for the promo code of 50% off to kick in. Enjoy your purchases even more with your $25 credit. Savings!

Thank you Jean of for sharing this info!

Happy Friday! On the comments down below, let me know what you got!


  1. I bought the same blush 2 weeks ago. Such a great deal!

  2. Thanks for the great post! Just ordered!

  3. Nice nice, we got the same colors. Strange I didn't get taxed, there must not be a brick-and-mortar R&R store in Massachusetts since we DO have sales tax here. Oh well, not complaining : ) Have a good weekend, Anne!

  4. AWESOME deal for these blushes! I just signed up and I'm going to get Call Me and Lust :D Thanks so much for this!

  5. this looks like an amazing deal!

  6. I just ordered!! This made my day :)

  7. Thanks!!! I'm Michelle's friend. :)
    I had to take advantage of this.

  8. omgg i've never seen it for $15! ah i wonder if it works still i'm gonna try :)

  9. @Miss Nikka: What did you end up buying?

    @Jean: Thanks for the heads up on this great deal! Those two colors were the ones that appealed to me the most :)

    @Audrey: Were you able to get Call Me? I think when I checked it was out of stock :(

    @College Guru: you're welcome :D

    @Min: Hi Min! Thanks for letting Michelle let me see your blog! It's such a cute blog!

    @Roxy: Let me know what you get!