Monday, January 24, 2011

Latest Find: Sam Edelman Black Caper Jeweled Patent Flats

Sam Edelman Black Caper Jeweled Paten Flats (buy similar here)

I went to Marshall's yesterday to look toys for the Bean, and I ended up in the shoe section. And I was pretty happy to see these flats on clearance. I got these flats for $29.99. Not to shabby considering they were about $100 originally.

The flats that I got are a half size bigger than the usual, but I got it anyway since they were narrow so the fit is ok. There is some padding on the bottom which gives my feet some comfort. I just really love the jewel detail on these flats and the stitchings on the side. The shoes, however, show some toe cleavage (see picture below) since it's a little short on top. But, I can finally happily retire my beater flats that I always wear to work everyday.

Lionel Bean being a cute model that he is.

FTC: The shoes were purchased with my own funds.


  1. great find! i wish there was a Marshalls closer to where i lived! i'd be in there all the time. :)

    cute and little
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  2. ooh those are such cute shoes! i always forget to check Marshall's for clothes and shoes, even though i know they always have cute stuff....and omg your dog is ridiculously cute!!!

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  3. I remember seeing these at TJMaxx the other day.. good deal since Edelmans can be so expensive =) looks great on you =D

  4. cute (shoes & doggy) !! i love marshalls. xo

  5. Cute shoes and even cuter doggy! :))