Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekly Five #1

Every week (either Wednesday or Sunday), I'm going to post my Weekly Fives which will contain random pictures from my iPhone throughout the week. You'll probably see me tweet some of it too.

{new black pumps}

{dessert for two}

{macarons not macaroons}

{a full pantry}

{my babycakes}


  1. Hi Anne! I was wondering what is the name of the dessert place. It looks delish. I would love to add it to my bookmarks. Are the macarons from Paulette? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jenny!

    The dessert place is called Max Brenner in Vegas. And yep, the macarons are from Paulette in Little Tokyo :).

  3. those shoes are to die for!! ps just found you from holly ann-aeree! :)