Friday, August 05, 2011

Haul: Fall Shopping at H&M

Can't be too early right? If you haven't seen this video, well, here are some of my fall picks from H&M. So many good stuff that I feel like I have to go back soon for round two!

I love, love fall. It's my favorite out of the four seasons (not just because my birthday is around fall time hah). Not too cold, not too hot. Not to mention the browns, oranges, and the neutrals. I wish LA actually has seasons, but at least I still get to see the leaves change color. What's there not to love about fall, anyway? So ready for the cooler weather! This unbearable heat is not doing my makeup and my outfits any good.


  1. H&M Fall collection is so great! I went to my local store yesterday and loved everything =)

  2. i love h&m! they're like forever21, but i feel like they have better quality. i'm def going to check out what they have in stores now! =)

  3. thanks for stopping by!!

    i simply adore your blog!! i definitely need some beauty tips... i am such a makeup beginner :) i'll check out your youtube vids!

    xoxo, aimee

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