Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Come join the dark side, and pin with me!

I've had my Pinterest account for quite some time now, but I never really knew what to do with it. It was only until recently when my brain had some sort of revelation.

Pinterest has been a great way for me to organize all my internet finds. It's genius, really. Whether it's some recipe, an inspiration, or an item I potentially want to buy, all the pretty images are nicely tucked away in their respective boards. I don't have to figure out where I saw that one thing.

So I've listed below what boards I currently have up on my Pinterest. Follow one or all of them! Hopefully, you'll find some sort of inspiration in one or some of them.

beautybitten on Pinterest:

1. My Style | beautybitten: For previous outfit posts on my blog. It's an easy way to go through my previous lookbooks that I've posted.

2. Youtube | beautybitten: My YouTube videos which includes hauls, favorites videos, styling videos, tags, and other shenanigans I may come up with.

3. DIY | beautybitten: Ok, it's not much on here... yet. But I'm when I am feeling crafty, you'll find my DIY tutorials here whether it's a video or a step-by-step picture instruction.

4. Wishlist: You know, just in case the universe grants me my wish to win the lottery. A girl can dream. But lottery or not, you'll find what I'm highly coveting in here. I just have to get them one by one. Or you know, for my parents or friends... just in case they can't figure out what to get me kekeke.

5. Lionel Bean: This is dedicated to the cutest puppy that I love. Because this guy is such a character, and he's too adorable to not be shared to the world. 

6. Virtual Closet: Take a peek into my closet. Well, some of the things that are currently in my closet and what I currently want in my closet (clothes-wise). Yea, I know, everything is mixed up... just like my RL closet. But get a feel of how I'm curating my wardrobe right now.

7. Jewelry Box: Pretty trinkets for your arm party or ring party. Jewelry and sunglasses are a good way to finish and polish a look. There is no such thing of having too many.

8. Bags & Clutches: If I can be one type of lady, I would be a 'Bag Lady'.

9. Happy Feet: You can never have too many shoes! It's really one of my weaknesses.

10. Spring Fling: Outfit inspirations from editorials, bloggers, or magazine spread for spring.

11. Spring/Summer Cheap Thrills: Clothing items and accessories under $100 for this spring and summer seasons. Think of it as going shopping with me... things you'll probably see me grab at the store.

12. 500 Days of Summer: Outfit inspirations from editorials, bloggers, or magazine spread for summer. Obviously, I would also name this board after one of my favorite movies. Take a wild guess ;).

13. Fall on Me: Outfit inspirations for my favorite season from editorials, bloggers, or magazine spreads.

14. Winter Wonderland: ... is currently empty. I'll fill it up once it starts getting colder. I'm still enjoying the nice warm climate we're having right now. But here is where you'll find my outfit inspirations from editorials, bloggers, or magazine spreads for winter season.

15. Nail'd It: Whether it's a nail polish swatch or some crazy nail art design. 

16. Mane Thing: All about hair.

17. Foodie Adventures | @yummiebitez: Because I like to eat, and take pictures of my food. And hey, it's also to your benefit because you can see what I ate in a certain restaurant in case you find yourself there. Or, you might learn about a new you place you might want to try later.

18. Red Carpet: My favorite red carpet looks from various events and awards shows.

19. Red Carpet - Makeup: My favorite red carpet makeup looks from various events and award shows.

20. Make Me Up: Crazy to simple makeup to help me get inspired to use my makeup stash.

21. Men-spiration: Sometimes, you need a man's touch... when it comes to your outfit. I love adding masculine elements into my outfits. And what better way to do it is by looking at what the men are wearing. They might just have something up their sleeves (no pun intended).

22. Home Decor: What I wish my place looks like. But for now, I can just get inspired from various home decors from some random strangers' houses. It's the best (and maybe the only way) to get a peek of someone else's house without being creepy. But really, I do wonder what people have or how they decorate their homes.

23. Places to See: I'm hoping to cross some of the places pinned here before I die. There's just so much more beauty in the world to see. Another thing I would do if I win the lottery, travel and see the world. I mean, there's so much more than just going to Vegas for the weekend.

24. Yummy Bites: Yes, I know. Now you can make the food I make and post on Instagram! I'm always being asked for recipes for food that I make. Well, here you go! I've also pinned some of the recipes here that I want to make in the future. No more recipe print-outs.

25. LOLZ: Sometimes we need a laugh, and there are just way too many witty eCards to remember.

26. Ermahgerd Puppies!: Because puppies are cute. Duh.

27. Food For Thought: Quotes to keep in mind. In case we need a little pick-me-up or a positive saying to keep us going.

And there you have it folks! These are the boards that I currently have on Pinterest. Make sure to follow me in case I add a new one! I hope this gives you an idea of what you can expect when you see me on your feed.

Also, if you haven't noticed the changes on my newly revamped blog, I've added a 'Pin It' button on my blog images for easy pinning.

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