Friday, June 14, 2013

Fade to White | Ombre + Vintage Reserve Cut Off Shorts

Shirt: H&M | Shorts: c/o Joe's Jeans (Vintage Reserve) | Sunglasses: Chloe | Watch: Michael Kors | Oxfords: Dolce Vita by Target | Bag: Balenciaga "Arena Gold Town" (available in rose gold)

Something old, something new. I surprise myself sometimes with the things I find hiding in my closet. I recently rekindled with my old favorite oxford shoes. I forgot that I even had it in the first place! I mean, the back of the shoes has been slightly chewed up by my lovely dog, but we'll just say that the shoes has a distressed look, just like these new shorts.

Photos by JMichael.LA

I was invited by Joe's Jeans to hang out at their Melrose store to hang out and pick some things out for myself. I was like a kid in a candy store. I picked out these shorts and pants (as seen here) from their Vintage Reserve line, and this really cool acid/tie dye pants which surprisingly goes with everything (pretty much). They've been in rotation every time I have to get dressed.

This is pretty much the first bottom that got me started to wear white (which led me to wearing my white skort, as seen here). I wasn't too keen on wearing white or any light bottom before since I can be clumsy with food and I always worry about getting it dirty. I just have to conscientious with what I'm doing especially when I'm eating.


  1. So cute! Love the transition from pink to white :D

  2. You look lovely here! You have a gorgeous smile