Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Save It for a Rainy Day

Breton stripe shirt / J. Crew skinny jeans (use code STARTSHOPPING for 25% off) / Thread & Supply peacoat (currently 50% off, available in 4 colors) / Zara scarf  (similar)/ Hunter rain boots (wearing Big Kids version) / Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

We finally experienced torrential down pour for the most part of the day on Sunday. I was really excited about this for these reasons: a) We're experiencing serious drought, and any sort of precipitation is welcome. b) I loooove driving in the rain. c) I get to wear my Hunter rain boots and step through puddles with no problem.
For reference, I'm wearing the Hunter rain boots for big kids. I'm a size 6 in women's sizing, but I found that the big kids boots were a good fit for me. I also want to pick up their Original Tour Gloss boots (in women sizing) at some point since it's a more travel friendly pair because you can easily pack it in your suitcase. They're also available in 6 colors, and at this point, I don't know which color I can commit to yet. I'm eyeing on either one of the red pair. And maybe I should wait until El NiƱo is in full swing here in LA.

I've only worn my Hunter boots a handful of times. Any chance I can wear them, I'll take it. I find it oddly satisfying knowing that my shoes are meant to get wet. I've also worn them previously during my trip to Mammoth Mountain (watch my vlog). Could you imagine the joy on my face when I walked down the streets while it was snowing... and my feet were warm and dry? Oh, the simple things.

Or maybe it has something to do with my childhood. I lived in a tropical place where monsoons were a regular thing, yet I didn't own a pair of rain boots. And, I'm just realized this right now as I was typing this post. I lived in a country where it was wet for half a year, but no rain boots. Am I just now compensating for not having rain boots in my life (when I needed it the most) that I now own a pair, yet I'm living in the driest part of the country? Anyway, I've been enjoying every chance that I get to wear them.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

RADARTE for the Weekend

Radarte sweatshirt (hooded version) / H&M faux leather skirt (old, similar here and here) / H&M faux fur jacket (similar here and here) / Tibi boots (similar) / Karen Walker sunglasses

It's finally the weekend! I find myself looking forward to the weekends to clean. Yep, you heard it. To clean. Whether it's my room, my place, or my laptop, I spend my weekends trying to tidy up. But this outfit is something I would wear for a date night. It's a little sassy and edgy at the same time. Not to mention the sweatshirt and faux fur jacket combination will definitely keep me warm even with my exposed legs. Since our winters here are milder, my faux-leather skirt keeps my tush warm even though my legs are exposed. As long as I'm warm on top and my feet are covered, I don't get too cold.

This weekend is a pretty action packed weekend. This weekend ipsy is hosting their 2016 Generation Beauty event. They kicked-off the weekend with their cocktail party last night where they had a fun night for content creators only. It was nice to see and mingle with friends who I haven't seen in a while and friends who flew in from out-of-state for the weekend. They also had a cool DJ for the sounds of the night, an open bar, endless (it seemed like) of h'ordeuvres throughout the night. And of course, they sent us home with their humungous gift bag filled with beauty products.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Moto Shearling Vest

H&M sweater (similar) / Forever 21 moto shearling vest (similar) / Paige Denim pants / Forever 21 knee-high boots (similar) / Kate Spade tote

This sweater has been getting a fair share of wear for me this winter. I've mentioned it before that this has been my go-to/favorite sweater in my closet right now. I'm always tempted to just wear this every day because it's so easy to wear. I've previously have worn this sweater before (see post here) and have styled it for a bit of a warmer weather. I just love a neutral sweater that'll go with anything.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Empties I: Body and Skincare

So it's been awhile since my last beauty product review post on this blog (read my last beauty review). If you have been following this blog for awhile now, you probably know that I started this blog as a beauty blog after discovering a community of beauty bloggers. One of my goals this year is that I'm going to try to bring back and incorporate more beauty reviews in the future alongside with my fashion/outfit posts. I'll be reviewing some of the products that I'm currently using and provide my thoughts on it. I actually sometimes go back to my old product reviews to see which products I've used before that I used to love that I might think of maybe using again.

After almost three years since I first started collecting empty product containers, I've finally posted the first batch of my Empties video. The first batch of empties contains the body and skincare products that I've used to the last drop. Even though these took up space in my tiny closet, there was something satisfying about putting an empty container in my pile. In the sea of beauty products that's available to us that we love to try out, it's gratifying to be able to say that you didn't waste a drop of it.

I'm hoping to be able to provide a review for reference next time I do an Empties video. Hopefully the empties video will be sort of an update on the product after I've used it all up. So you'll be able to get a better idea what my thoughts are on the product a little bit more.

But for now, below are some of the products I've mentioned in this video with a little bit more insight on what I thought about the product.

» The Body Shop Body Butter (mark 0:54) - There was a point in my life where all I wanted was to slather my body with Body Shop's Body Butter. My two favorite scents were the Pink Grapefruit and Moringa scents. I tend to gravitate to Pink Grapefruit during the summer because of its citrusy and fresh scent, and the Moringa when I'm feeling a little bit more sexy and sassy because of it's floral aroma. I've loved their Lychee Blossom scent, but has been unfortunately discontinued. I bought two tubs of it during their sale to clear them out. I wish I had stocked up on it because it because it became a favorite. I wish they'll bring the Lychee Blossom scent back.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Ever since the temperature dropped, I've been heavily relying on my blanket scarf. Or as I'd like to call it, a blarf (BLanket + scARF). Not only that it adds an extra layer of warmth, but it also adds a nice texture and element to any plain outfit.

My blarf has been incredibly useful especially when we made a quick trip to Mammoth Mountain last week. It was very windy and was snowing the first night we got there. I just bundled up and got cozy with my blanket scarf.

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