Friday, January 28, 2011

Hair Tutorial: Easy Braided Low Bun Updo

Since Valentine's day is coming, here's an easy hair up do you can do within minutes. Well, only if you already know how to french braid your own hair. But if not, then there's plenty of time to practice! Or you can also just grab your hair into a low pony tail and then braid. This look is just so feminine and cute, and did I mention it's easy?

Back side

Watch the video:

It's finally Friday! Been waiting for this weekend since well... Monday! Well, I have plenty of cleaning and organizing to catch up to. I swear the cleaning never ends once you move out to your own place. I'm going to try and squeeze in some time to just relax and unwind. Hopefully, we'll also be able to do dineLA tonight or Sunday. I've been wanting to go.

I'll see if I can get a home decor post. I haven't been really decorating lately though, but I'll show you what I have done so far.

So what are your plans for this weekend??

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lookbook: My Favorite Things

This post gets two outfits of the day since I had forgotten to post yesterday's outfit since I had fallen fast asleep right after my workout class. But I'm really glad that many of you do appreciate my outfit posts. It really motivates me to put together better outfits at work.

Yesterday's Outfit

Cream 3/4 laced sleeve, H&M
Plaid jacket, BCBG
Brown shorts
Ruffled brown sling back, no namer (buy similar here)
Pearl-clustered necklace, Forever 21 (buy similar here)

Today's Outfit

Taupe crew neck 3/4 sleeves, H&M
Abstract printed skirt, Forever 21 (buy similar here)
Black tights, Forever 21
Oxford heels, H&M (buy similar here)
Shell buckle belt, Urban Outfitters

I know my outfits are not too weather appropriate for a January weather, but I'm just relishing this awesome weather right now. But I really love this skirt. Every time I wear it, I always get compliments about it.  And the necklace is just so pretty that it dresses up any outfit. Oh, and by the way, I got the strappy sandals for $10 in at Santee Alley in Downtown LA. What a steal! Too bad it nearly caused a broken back when I almost slipped with these heels on. The things we do for fashion.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out of the Beauty Box (O2B2) Tour Review

So here it is finally, it's probably the most awaited post since I tweeted so much about it on Twitter and I have posted a teaser about it on my personal Facebook.

As you may already know, I attended a makeup class this past Sunday which is the Out of the Beauty Box (or O2B2) Tour which was instructed by the two greatest YouTube Gurus, Koren of EnkoreMakeup and Elessa of Pursebuzz.

When I found out about this class through Koren's video, I immediately jump right on it and signed up for the class. I've been wanting to take makeup classes for the longest time, but with my full-time work schedule it was just not doable for me because of conflicting schedule. Makeup classes are usually on the weekdays and requires a full-time commitment, not to mention it can get very expensive. So I was really elated to find out that the O2B2 Tour is actually happening.

O2B2 handbook and makeup kit

Read what else I have to say and to view more pictures after the jump!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lookbook: Pencil Me In

Everyone is probably really jealous of us right now. Second week in a row of awesome weather. So I decided to wear a skirt today.

grey off-the-shoulder studded jersey dress, Forever21 (buy similar here)
black pencil skirt, Charlotte Russe (buy simlar here and here)
black cable knitted short-sleeve cardigan, H&M (buy similar here, here, and here)
black belt, Betsey Johnson (buy similar here)
black pointy-toed pumps, BCBG girl (buy similar here)
dangling ball earrings, Forever 21 (buy similar here)

No outfit of the day yesterday since I stayed at home the whole day. Cleaning and organizing my life in teeny box. I couldn't stand having too many papers laying around so I had to do something about it.

So for this outfit, I tucked in my off the shoulder dress in my pencil skirt. I could wear the dress on its own, but it wouldn't really be appropriate for work. And since it was too warm for anything long sleeves, I decided to wear my short sleeved cardigan.

As you can tell the Betsey Johnson belt made another appearance. I really love this belt since I can resize it to whatever length I want. It's the perfect belt for petite girls. I can wear it on my hips or my waist and it'll stay. More belts should be created like this. I'll have a review of the belt later on.

I'm currently trying to edit my O2B2 video right now, and I'm hoping to get it published for tomorrow's post. You definitely want to stay tuned for that because it's seriously makeup galore!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Latest Find: Sam Edelman Black Caper Jeweled Patent Flats

Sam Edelman Black Caper Jeweled Paten Flats (buy similar here)

I went to Marshall's yesterday to look toys for the Bean, and I ended up in the shoe section. And I was pretty happy to see these flats on clearance. I got these flats for $29.99. Not to shabby considering they were about $100 originally.

The flats that I got are a half size bigger than the usual, but I got it anyway since they were narrow so the fit is ok. There is some padding on the bottom which gives my feet some comfort. I just really love the jewel detail on these flats and the stitchings on the side. The shoes, however, show some toe cleavage (see picture below) since it's a little short on top. But, I can finally happily retire my beater flats that I always wear to work everyday.

Lionel Bean being a cute model that he is.

FTC: The shoes were purchased with my own funds.

Lookbook: A Day with the Oxfords

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I decided to take a day-off today to take care of somethings at home and possibly get some scheduled post going as well. So today's outfit of the day was actually worn yesterday when I finally attended my very first makeup class which was the O2B2 Tour (Out of the Beauty Box) which was taught by Koren (EnkoreMakeup) and Elessa (PurseBuzz). But that deserves it's own post, so more details to follow.

I've had these oxford shoes since September of last year. I bought them on a whim without really any outfits in mind. For the longest time, I never knew what to do with them. Someone also pointed out that they looked like bowling shoes and I didn't realize it until then. So in the closet they stayed.

But lately, I've been reaching out for these shoes. They're really comfortable and they actually grew on me. They're cute in a really weird way.

Cream boat neck top and black shorts, H&M; belt, Betsey Johnson; earrings, Urban Outfitters; lighting necklace, flea market; oxford shoes, Forever 21

Here's my outfit of the day video:

On a different note, I really need to get a tripod so I can take better pictures of my outfit. Or have my boyfriend take my pictures.

FTC: The items featured on this post were purchased with my own funds.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lookbook: Back to Basics

It's finally Thursday! So for this week, that means it's my Friday! I'm so lucky that our work schedule gives us every other Fridays off. Since we're not coming in this Friday, Thursdays are my casual days.

H&M black blazer; Hollister white tee; Forever 21 chandelier necklace; Betsey Johnson belt; Lux (Urban Outfitters) dark wash skinny jeans; Forever 21 tan laced up suede booties
 Since I didn't have time to plan today's outfit, I decided to stick with the basics. What can be more basic than my whole outfit today. On a regular day, I might opt for my usual flats, but I've been loving these laced up booties lately.

I've actually had this booties since September, and I'm only starting to wear them right now. For awhile, I didn't know what I was going to wear it with and almost regret buying it. I wasn't sure if I had anything in my closet that would work with the shoes. But I just had to get out of my comfort zone of always sticking with black shoes on my feet. I always gravitate to black shoes, but it's time to change it up a bit. As far as comfort was concerned, I was also afraid that they might not be comfortable, but surprisingly, I can walk in these shoes for days even without insoles.

Because my outfit is so basic, I had to oomph it up a bit by adding the pretty necklace. The necklace almost dresses it all up.

I might say I'm pretty proud of myself for having back to back outfit of the day posts this week. We'll see how long I'll stay on track. It actually does help me really use what I already have in my closet as I'm trying my best not to do some clothes shopping for awhile. I still have clothes with tags on to this day! So for now, I'm going closet shopping.

Rimmel London Lasting Nail Polish in Steel Grey (Review and Swatch)

During my most recent haul post/video to CVS, I randomly picked up this Rimmel London nail polish. I've been loving neutral colors lately and this bottle has definitely struck my interest.

Rimmel London Lasting Nail Polish in Steel Grey

Product Blurb: 
Professional polished perfection for flawless up to ten-day colour and shine. Enriched with micro-sized minerals that fill in imperfections on the nail surface, Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel creates a smooth and super glossy finish for up to 10 days of maximum colour impact and shine. Advanced micro formula technology with active time-released system enhances shine over time. It captures and reflects light for colour that shines with dimension. UV fade protection keeps colour true. The formula is ultra flexible and long wearing with superior shock absorption and chip resistance. The Mistake-Free Pro brush features a wide angled brush for a fast and mistake-free professional application. With more than 800 fine textured bristles, the brush is designed to adapt to any nail shape and require less strokes to apply, while delivering a super smooth finish and truly streak-free results. (via Rimmel London US)

Price: $4.89 (get a $2 off coupon for a limited time when you like Rimmel London US on Facebook)

Available at: Major U.S. drugstore chains

Read the review and view more product images by clicking on the link below...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deal of the Day: $20 Amazon Gift Card for $10

LivingSocial is having a deal today to buy a $20 Amazon Gift Card for only $10*! That's a 50% savings!

Use it to buy books, that BB cream you've been wanting, DVDs, maybe to go towards some electronic stuff that's been on your wishlist, or whatever other knick knacks you can get at Amazon.

Remember that this deal is only good for today. Click here to purchase your giftcard. If you haven't signed up for LivingSocial yet, here is my referral link. If you sign up through a referral link, we each get $5 Deal Bucks (credit)!

*Limit one giftcard per person. Giftcard does not expire. Please read the fine print down below the deal for more details.

Lookbook: LBD - My Laced Black Dress

Aside from having a little black dress, all girls should own a laced black dress. Nothing defines feminity more than a laced dress. Depending on how you wear or accessorize it, a laced dress can be either sexy or demure.

H&M laced black dress; Forever 21 khaki cardigan; vintage belt; bangles from H&M; Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters) flats

Have I told you lately how much I'm loving California weather right now? I swear, only in LA can you have summer in the middle of January. It's such a luxury to just bask under the sun and not have to worry about if I had layered enough to keep me warm before leaving the house. Having the sun out after having 30 degrees of cold weather and non-stop heavy rain coming down is a really nice change. I'm a big pansy when it comes to cold so anything below 50 degrees is considered freezing for me. But hooray for warm weathers for allowing me to dress up like this more often.

So today, I decided to wear my "LBD" to work. Since I'm working in an office setting, I can't be dressed as if I'm going to the club. To tone it down to something more appropriate, I threw a loose khaki cardigan on top and cinch my waist with a thin belt. I opted for brown just to break the the black theme a little. I also wore black tights since the length of dress is above my knees and I didn't want to show too much skin. For my footsies, I'm wearing flats today to keep it simple and because my legs are still sore for days after taking workout classes lately.

I also kept my accessories simple by just wearing two bangles on one arm. Although it's not the most practical thing to wear because of the noise it creates, and not to mention, the bulkiness of the bangles that makes it difficult to type on the computer, the bangles complete the look for me. I just have to take it off when I'm just working in my area.

So, do you think this ensemble is work appropriate in a business casual setting? Yay or nay?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lookbook: The Journey to a Better "9 to 5" Look

So far, I've been two for two on my outfit of the day post on Twitter (follow me @yummie_bitez).

I've already expressed how I'm making an effort to dress better at work. I guess you can say it's some what of my resolution for the year. You see, I kinda have this problem where I save, save, save all the new clothes that I got until I forget about them (saving for a different day, saving for a special occassion, etc.). I'm always complaining to myself that I have nothing to wear... even with stacks of clothing in my closet. Most of you can sympathize with me on this, but since I'm cutting down on the shopping, I have to work with what's in my closet for now (oh the horror of not being able to frivolously shop).

So in case you've missed my first two posts on Twitter, here they are. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, as I took them using my prehistoric iPhone.

bebe stripped mesh top with Forever 21 tank underneath; Betsy Johnson belt, Zara pants in gray; Bandolino black pumps


Forever 21 blue ruffled short sleeved top; H&M cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan and necklace; Banana Republic brown belt and slacks; Bandolino kitten heels sling backs

The thing with today's outfit, I would have never really thought of pairing blue with brown. I don't know why, but I just wouldn't before. But while I was waiting for my gym class last night, I was reading GQ magazine (yes, the dude magazine), and they said that if guys were to wear a blue suit, always match it with brown shoes (like a coffee like brown), to bring out the blue in the suit.

So this morning, as I was in a hurry, I found out I only have my brown pants available, I looked for a dark blue top that I have... and what do you know, it actually looks pretty good. So thank you GQ magazine.

By the way, when I rolled in this morning to work, my top wasn't actually tucked in. Before I took that picture, I even hesitated if I should post it up because the outfit looked so frumpy. This top is one of those really loose almost baby-doll like tops. But tucking in my top or blouse made a whole difference in the world. My outfit was more polished with a simple effort of tucking it in. 

I guess posting up outfits does help. So far these two days (even though it has only been two days), I've been more inclined to dress a tad better than I usually do. Especially because I'm trying to make it a habit of posting whatever I'm wearing that day. It also helps me see what works and what doesn't. Not to mention, actually wear the clothes that I already have and learn how to be creative with it.

We'll just have to wait and see how good of a mixer and matcher I am.

Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Apply False Eyelashes: Get the tips!

Get the scoop on choosing and applying the right false lashes for you with this guide

How to Apply False Eyelashes
This is a makeup tutorial article
OK, so you've had some bad experiences applying falsies before with the glue getting everywhere or the lashes falling off -- but never again. All you need is this quick tutorial on applying falsies like a pro …

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beauty Preview: Sephora by O.P.I Goes Gleek Chic Collection

Sephora by O.P.I Glee! Collection

I love, love, love Glee! So when I immediately saw this in my inbox, I was beyond ecstatic. Sephora has recently teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to create a line of nail polish and prints inspired by the hit-TV show, Glee! This collection will be exclusively available at Sephora, February 3.

This limited edition collection will include ten full-sized nail colors, a six piece mini set (with some colors only exclusive to the set), and three nail design prints.

And for good news for LA Glee! fans. Sephora’s celebratory in-store launch event will host Naya Rivera, who plays Santana on the series, alongside Eryn Krueger-Mekash, the show’s head make-up artist, at the beauty retailer’s Westfield Century City mall on February 12th from 2 pm-4pm.  One lucky winner will be treated with an on-site make-over by Eryn as well as fun activities to help kick off the line’s debut.

More product images after the jump! And which characters do you think is more likely to rock which of the following colors from this line during their Valentine's episode on February 8?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Zero Cream Eyeliner (Review and Swatch)

Gel and cream liners will always have a soft spot for my heart. It was the one that helped me learn how to line my eyes with liquid liner.

My MAC fluidline in Blacktrack have dried out like a dessert. It had its good run and it has served me well, but I was open to try out other gel or cream liners. I love Urban Decay products and I love their 24/7 Glide-on eyeliners (review), but not as much as my MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliners (review). Anyway, I decided to give their Ink for Eyes a whirl to see how they compare to their pencil counterparts.

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Cream Liner in Zero

Product Blurb: It's everything you want in a cream eye liner: more precision than a pencil but more forgiving than a liquid. This ultra-creamy, paraben-free formula offers more control, play time, and buildable coverage. Create razor-sharp lines or smoky bedroom eyes with the double-ended angled liner brush and smudger. The secret ingredient? Nylon 12, a unique ingredient that decreases drag, creates a flawless application experience by eliminating skips or smears and also softening and absorbing excess oil. This creamy eye liner is available in a wide variety of sexy shades that stay put all day long. Decorated with a hand-illustrated peacock, the long, lean case (complete with mirror!) is ideal for applying color with the angled liner brush. (via

Price: $22 (buy it here)

Available at: Sephora stores,,,, etc.

Friday, January 07, 2011

CVS Beauty Clearance Haul Part 2: Because It's Insanely Inexpensive!

Yesterday after work, I decided to come back for more things at CVS. I mean when do you usually get the chance to buy makeup that are approximately $2 a piece? For this haul, I picked up more Revlon and Sally Hansen items.

I only spent $31 (including tax) for this makeup swag

Thursday, January 06, 2011

CVS Beauty Clearance Haul (Up to 75% off ... Oh Whaaaaat?) and Hair Update!

I was checking Twitter around 3 pm yesterday, and Jean from ExtraPetite had tweeted about the CVS bi-annual beauty clearance sale. And I've never been so anxious to leave work. I wanted to leave work so badly and just peruse around CVS and see what I can get. Yes, it sounds crazy and all, but I was imagining an empty CVS store once I get out of work. I mean, it is up to 75% off. That's practically getting free make-up! Who would pass up on that?!

Luckily that wasn't the case... well sort of.

I've read in some blogs that some stores actually started January 1... It's already January 5 (as of today that I'm typing this post), so that means I'm already five days late. I was pretty much expecting to pick up only a few things since the things that were on sale are either gone or used up and beat up by someone else. That's one thing I don't like sometimes when I'm shopping for drugstore brands, sometimes people actually test lipsticks on their lips or wherever, and it ruins the product. So I have to inspect every single one of the lipsticks sans packaging just to make sure it's brand new. Anyway, I was still able to snag a few goodies here and there.

I wanted to get this post right away just in case you might be unaware that this is happening right now because I didn't until today (January 5). Don't sleep on it! There's really nothing to think about.

Here's a glimpse of what I bought. Read more to find out how much I saved with this purchase...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Urban Decay's Anniversary Party at Sephora this Weekend!

If you missed out on the sneak peek sale of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil 15th Anniversary Set, here's your chance to check them out in person before it officially launches!  
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set features nine of the most popular shades plus six new colors and a limited edition Grind House sharpener. Oooohhh... Prettyyyy!

Urban Decay is having their 15-year anniversary at select Sephora stores this weekend. They'll be offering makeovers by Urban Decay makeup artists and a chance for you to purchase your own Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set.*  Check out the details below to see if your local Sephora store is hosting the event.

*Three-piece purchase limit per customer available for purchase at the start time of the event while supplies last.  No appointment necessary

January 6, 2011
Sephora Prudential Center
11:00am to 5:00pm
800 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02199
(617) 262-4200

January 7, 2011
Sephora Times Square
1:00pm to 7:00pm
1500 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 944-6789

January 7, 2011
Sephora South Coast Plaza
12:00pm to 6:00pm
3333 Bristol Street, Suite 1001
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 429-9130

New Year Transformation: Gets A Makeover

It's been a little quiet on my side lately, only because I've been diligently working on revamping this blog and my YouTube page. I decided that it's time for a new look and feel since it's a brand new year!

A snapshot of my revamped Youtube page

It was a one woman's job, so it took me longer than I expected. But with the help of my dear friend, Google, I was able to get this baby in tip-top shape. So if you were here for the past few days, you might have noticed that the website was a bit wonky. As far as the template goes, it's where I want it to be, but I'm just making little tweaks here and there. I'll have a page dedicated to all the product reviews I've written hopefully sometime this week.

Again, thank you for all the support that I've received from every single one of you throughout these years. Without you, I'd be writing for myself (which is also not that bad, but it's so much better when someone else reads it :]). And to jump of the new year, I'm going to have a mini-giveaway soon. So make sure to follow me on Twitter (@yummie_bitez) for the details.

How are you liking this new look?