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    About the author
    Welcome to beautybitten.com (formerly known as yummiebitez.com)! My name is Anne Di, and this has been my playground since December 2007 where I write about anything related to beauty,  fashion, home decor, and DIY. For three years, my blog has been dubbed as yummiebitez. I recently opt for a name change just because I feel beautybitten embodies my contents better. It's all about finding beauty in everything. I'm in my 20-somethings working full-time in the corporate world and this blog is my escape from reality and into the beauty and fashion world.

    You might be wondering though, where did yummiebitez come from? The name yummiebitez has been a moniker that I've adopted during my early undergrad days. Bitez was derived after eating a bag the old Hershey Cookies & Cream Bites. Yes, part of my alias came from a chocolate name. And, yummie because sour doesn't really have a good ring to it. So since then, it's been yummiebitez.

    Beautybitten.com features posts such as product reviews, lookbooks, makeup and hair tutorials, and more. With countless beauty products available, hopefully, you'll find your next favorite product in one of my posts. Or possibly get inspired with the outfits that I put together on my loobook section. I'll always be on a continuous journey of finding my next favorite product and discovering my personal style. I might as well jot it down and share it somewhere. Hope you'll join me.

    Disclosures and Policies
    For this blog's disclosures and policies, please click here.

    Where else can you find me?
    Here are some of the other places where you can find me online:
    • Youtube: Watch my latest makeup and hair tutorials, shopping hauls, and more.
    • Twitter: Do you have a quick question? Want to personally interact with me? Tweet me!
    • Facebook: For more pictures and other updates. Like me?
    • Instagram: Daily pictorial updates.
    • Pinterest: Check out my inspiration boards.
    • Lookbook.Nu: My quick-post fashion site.
    • BlogLovin: Show your love but following me to receive post feeds through BlogLovin'

    Coming Soon

    If you have any questions, feedbacks, submit a product for a review, sponsor this blog, or simply just want to say hi, feel free to do so in any of the social media links provided above. You can also send me an email at: beautybitten(at)gmail(dot)com.

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    Last updated: November 11, 2013