Thursday, September 30, 2010

NOTW: O.P.I My Private Jet Swatch is Fly Like a G6

It can be a pain sometimes trying to decide whether a nail polish suits you. When you're shopping for nail polishes, you really only have ten fingernails where you can swatch a kajillion nail polishes on your hands just to see if you can see yourself wearing it ever.

So thank goodness for beauty blogs that provides swatches and recommendations from beauty blogger babes (thank you Jill), that nail polish shopping can be a breeze.

This particular nail polish has been getting a lot of buzz on the blogger realm. I mean I don't see why not because this nail polish is gorgeous.

Nail polish with glitter can sometimes be tricky. Just as a personal preference, I really don't dig chunky or decorative glitter on my nails (except for China Glaze Ruby Pumps). It can come out as a little teeny bopper-ish sometimes, and you just don't want to be rocking that if you want to be taken seriously in the corporate world. You don't want your fingers to look like you've been  playing with craft glitter the whole day.

O.P.I My Private Jet has plenty of glitter... but in a good way. My Private Jet has micro-glitters that it's not blinding or tacky in the daylight. If anything it adds that extra oomph to it. It's your vampy nail polish with a little spin to it.

In low lighting, your nails almost look like they're granite-looking. It's still "so pritty".

In certain lighting and angles, you can kinda see some reddish brown undertones but sometimes it look as it's a gunmetal grey nail polish.

The formula for this nail polish is pretty good. One coat gave me an almost opaque color, and the second coat pretty much sealed the deal for me. Top it off with a clear top coat, and your nails are money.

I think I couldn't have picked a better color for this weekend's festivities :).

FTC: I was not paid nor sponsored to write this post and the product mentioned was purchased by me. These are my honest opinions.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beauty Review and Swatch: Essie Fall Collection 2010 Nail Polish Mini Series

Out of the four seasons, I'd have to say fall is my favorite. One, because my birthday is around fall. Two, fall has the perfect weather in LA (although I wouldn't say the weather was perfect today in LA as we hit another triple digit weather) . And three, you get to wear your scarves and coats without being too cold or too hot. Not to mention the nail polishes in style are prettier.

One set that I was really impressed on that I recently picked up is the Essie Fall Collection mini series. On my recent trip for nail polish shopping, this is probably the set you'll need for the season. It has your staple red, purple and green with a grey base, and your chocolate brown.

I always find the nail polish sets a smarter buy for the obvious reasons: you're able to sample multiple colors; less products go to waste (when was the last time you've used up all your nail polish before it dried out?); and they're more cost effective. It's enough for you to test out a color to find out whether you love it or not. When you do, buy a full back up bottle! Since these are limited editions, they might be difficult to come by again. And well if you hate it, the pain isn't as bad as buying a full size polish and being stuck with it.

Size compared to a regular Essie nail polish. Each mini bottle is about 0.16 oz while your regular Essie nail polish is about 0.5 oz. So just mathematically speaking, you get a little over the amount of the regular size with the four mini bottles combined (0.16 x 4 = 0.64). But how cute does the small one look?

Size comparison to an OPI mini nail polish. OPI bottles are about 0.12 oz each. OPIs are definitely smaller in size. Perfect for those who are really afraid of commitment when it comes to nail polish. I've had the bottle in the picture for about two years now. And I'm barely finished with it. I mean with other nail polishes I have, it's just difficult to go through them all.

But I still find that the Essie mini nail polish is a perfect size that it will last you awhile yet it's not that small that makes you wonder if it'll be enough for your finger nails and toe nails.

For this collection, there are actually two more shades not included in mini pack.

On to the swatches!

Limited Addiction: Your classic red nail polish. When it comes to the color of your nails, red will never go out of style. Limited Addiction is your basic nail polish that you can always reach for when you're not feeling adventurous with your nails.

Little Brown Dress: A deep chocolate brown color. This polish came a surprise to me. I didn't know how I felt about brown nail polish until I swatched this. I always thought that brown made my nails look old, but this has definitely changed my mind. This is a really dark brown color that it's almost black yet it's a perfect dark color for fall. It's a great alternative to your gothic black polish for this season.

Sew Psyched: Just as the name implies, I was pretty psyched about this color. It's a nice green with a hint of gray. It's a nice sage color if you want to play up your nails a bit. I've always thought green was a tough nail color for me to pull off since it gives me that leprechaun feeling no matter what shade of green it is. But this green is a winner to me. It's also a very work friendly color.

Merino Cool: I love this color. This has to be my favorite out of the four. It's a grey nail polish with a tinge of purple. Not quite your grey nail polish and not your purple either. I love it because it's almost two colors in one. In a well-lit or daylight, this nail polish will show more of its purple side while in low light it almost looks greyish taupe. Sometimes I'd think it's OPI You Don't Know Jacques at night.

Although the formula of these nail polishes were a bit thick and goopy, I'd put up with it just because of how perfect these colors are for fall or for the corporate world for that matter. It has that grown up appeal with a bit of an edge to it. These are definitely winners in my book.

FTC: Items on this post were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the company nor paid to write this post. These are my honest opinions.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tutorial: Ciara Ride Music Video Inspired Look (Step by Step pictures)

So one day, I had my Trey Songz channel up on Pandora (by the way, Pandora is the shiiiit!) and Ciara's song Ride came up. Besides it being a catchy and bump and grinding song, I remembered really loving one of Ciara's look in the video. She just look extremely ferosh with her smokey brown eyes, not to mention her super sexy one-piece number with her fur coat (makes me want to strut my stuff in the club with that if I had the body). Oh, and if only I can move half as good as she can, my life might just improve 100 times better. I just wish I can say the same good things about her singing. But, her killer moves makes up for the lack of the latter I suppose. That's another story though.

You might have also seen me this look on my giveaway video.

Here is my interpretation of Ciara's glam look in the video. I've included step-by-step picture tutorial (doing it old school) after the jump and more pictures of the look.

Products Used:
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER Duo Mat Powder Foundation in 203
  • MAC Redhead Mineralized Skin Finish Blush
  • Kiehl's Lip Balm with SPF 15
  • NARS Sandpiper Lipgloss

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