Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Early Access Picks

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First row (shop tops/outerwear): BP top (on sale $22.90) // BP ribbed dress (avail in 2 colors, on sale $29.90) // BP long-sleeves (avail in 6 colors, on sale $18.90) // Trouvé Blazer (on sale $99) // Topshop cardigan (avail in 4 colors, on sale $49.90)

Second row (shop bottoms): Topshop skirt (on sale $39.90) // BlankNYC cropped jeans (on sale $58.90) // Leith pants (on sale $45.90) Zella leggings (on sale $35.90)

Third row (shop accessories): NuFace Kit (on sale $217.75) Brixton baker boy cap (avail in 2 colors, on sale $31.90) // Treasure & Bond leather belt (avail in 4 colors, on sale $52.90) // Honeydew hipster panties (on sale $21.90)

Fourth row (shop shoes): Madewell mule (on sale $98.90) // Sole Society slingback pump (avail in 2 colors, on sale $59.90) // Soludos espadrille (avail in 2 colors, on sale $65.90) // Vince sneakers (avail in 3 colors, on sale $169.90)

If you've been following me for awhile, you're probably familiar that every year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of my anticipated sales of the year. It's my Super Bowl of shopping. The time where sleep goes out the door, and I spend most of my time scouring the Nordstrom website for items to add to my wardrobe.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

If you've been following me for awhile, you probably don't need an intro on what this sale is. I've covered it previously here on my blog and on YouTube. But if you're new, it's an annual event that Nordstrom put together where they offer huge discounts on select new releases and staple items. It's a reverse sale, where new items are marked down and then prices go back up once the sale is over.

It's a good chance for you to shop for your fall/winter wardrobe or stock up on classic and staple pieces. Nordstrom also brings back some of their popular items from previous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that may have sold quickly. Nordstrom has free shipping and return shipping on all online orders. You can also easily return any of your online orders in stores.

Previous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Posts:

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Nordstrom debit and credit cardholders get a whole week, starting today, July 13, to shop in stores and online before it opens up to the public. If you're not a Nordstrom cardholder, don't worry, you still have two weeks to shop the sale. You can take the early access as the time to get ready and, do some research on the items you're eyeing before buying. But once the sale is over, prices go back up to their retail price, August 6.

EARLY ACCESS: July 12 to 19
PUBLIC ACCESS: July 20 to August 5

If you don't have Nordstrom card, they're currently offering a free $40 bonus note after your first purchase, and you'll be able to start shopping the sale online. I signed up for the card because I do most of my shopping at Nordstrom and want to take advantage of the perks that come with it (such as 2x points for every $1 spent, triple point days to earn notes faster, etc). But, please don't sign up for the credit card if you're not financially ready for another one. It's a huge commitment and responsibility.

Read full post to for my tips and top picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...

Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  • Get to know your closet - Yes, the sale is huge. Yes, the sale can be overwhelming. But it really doesn't have to be. Have a list ready of the things that are missing in your closet. Do you have items that need to be replaced? Is there an item you've been thinking about that has been on your wishlist? It is easy to get carried away to add things to your cart because of the marked down prices or having the FOMO. Ever since I've decluttered, I have gotten to know my style and closet a little better, and I have made mental notes on what will work with my existing wardrobe. It's really knowing what your personal style is. So stay strong and try to stick to some guidelines.

  • Wishlists are your friend - This is the first day. Things do sell-out quickly sometimes the first few hours of the sale. Simply add the item that you really want in your wishlist to save it for later. Nordstrom does restock items or returns are made during the sale, so don't fret when an item is marked sold-out.

  • Buy online, pick-up in store - This is my favorite feature from Nordstrom. I get to shop in the comfort of my home and pick-up the items in my nearest Nordstrom when they're ready. They also have curbside pickup if you really don't even want to be bothered with looking for parking. I've been up since 12am when the sale went live adding things to my cart so I can pick them up after I take my three-hour power nap. 

  • Sign-up for their Rewards program - Even if you're not a Nordstrom cardholder, you still earn points toward your Nordstrom note by signing up for their Nordstrom Rewards Program. It's free to join, and you can earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend. For every 2000 points you earn (at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and Hautelook), you'll get a $20 to spend on anything you want. Rewards member also have their own bonus points events so you can get your notes faster.

  • Follow your favorite blogger or the #Nsale hashtag on Instagram - Follow along with your favorite blogger or YouTuber during the sale that best resonates with your style. Most likely, they have done most of the legwork of scouring the website and stores to find the items that you might like in the sea of options. Don't forget to support them by shopping their selects by shopping through their affiliate links. 

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

After scouring the women's section (all 55 pages), I've narrowed it down to these items that are worth checking out. I'll have another blog post and a Youtube video trying on which ones I've purchased during the sale, so you can see the fit on me. I've done this for the past two years, and most of you have really found it helpful.

I'll also do a separate blog post on some of the items that I've purchased from previous anniversary sale that I've noticed made a comeback. Some of these items are either the same items or an updated version of a similar style that I owned. Most of the things I currently own right now are from the previous anniversary sales, so if you've been following me and have asked me "where did I get x", here are some of them. I'll have a separate carousel down below so you can start shopping in case it's been in your wishlist.

Shop Tops

Shop Bottoms

Shop Dresses

Shop Outerwear

Shop Accessories

Shop Shoes

Shop Beauty

Shop Comebacks

Watch previous try-on haul videos to see some of the items on me:
Happy shopping! Share down below if you're picking anything up from this sale!


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