Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lookbook: My Favorite Things

This post gets two outfits of the day since I had forgotten to post yesterday's outfit since I had fallen fast asleep right after my workout class. But I'm really glad that many of you do appreciate my outfit posts. It really motivates me to put together better outfits at work.

Yesterday's Outfit

Cream 3/4 laced sleeve, H&M
Plaid jacket, BCBG
Brown shorts
Ruffled brown sling back, no namer (buy similar here)
Pearl-clustered necklace, Forever 21 (buy similar here)

Today's Outfit

Taupe crew neck 3/4 sleeves, H&M
Abstract printed skirt, Forever 21 (buy similar here)
Black tights, Forever 21
Oxford heels, H&M (buy similar here)
Shell buckle belt, Urban Outfitters

I know my outfits are not too weather appropriate for a January weather, but I'm just relishing this awesome weather right now. But I really love this skirt. Every time I wear it, I always get compliments about it.  And the necklace is just so pretty that it dresses up any outfit. Oh, and by the way, I got the strappy sandals for $10 in at Santee Alley in Downtown LA. What a steal! Too bad it nearly caused a broken back when I almost slipped with these heels on. The things we do for fashion.


  1. love those strappy heels in the first outfit! I wish I lived somewhere remotely warm. Where I am, fashion gives way to staying warm!

  2. I loved the skirt!
    What do you do for living?

  3. @Artemi: I work in the finance dept. They're pretty lax about what we wear, but it still has to be kinda business casual -ish and we're not rolling to work in sweats :D.


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