Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lookbook: The Journey to a Better "9 to 5" Look

So far, I've been two for two on my outfit of the day post on Twitter (follow me @yummie_bitez).

I've already expressed how I'm making an effort to dress better at work. I guess you can say it's some what of my resolution for the year. You see, I kinda have this problem where I save, save, save all the new clothes that I got until I forget about them (saving for a different day, saving for a special occassion, etc.). I'm always complaining to myself that I have nothing to wear... even with stacks of clothing in my closet. Most of you can sympathize with me on this, but since I'm cutting down on the shopping, I have to work with what's in my closet for now (oh the horror of not being able to frivolously shop).

So in case you've missed my first two posts on Twitter, here they are. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, as I took them using my prehistoric iPhone.

bebe stripped mesh top with Forever 21 tank underneath; Betsy Johnson belt, Zara pants in gray; Bandolino black pumps


Forever 21 blue ruffled short sleeved top; H&M cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan and necklace; Banana Republic brown belt and slacks; Bandolino kitten heels sling backs

The thing with today's outfit, I would have never really thought of pairing blue with brown. I don't know why, but I just wouldn't before. But while I was waiting for my gym class last night, I was reading GQ magazine (yes, the dude magazine), and they said that if guys were to wear a blue suit, always match it with brown shoes (like a coffee like brown), to bring out the blue in the suit.

So this morning, as I was in a hurry, I found out I only have my brown pants available, I looked for a dark blue top that I have... and what do you know, it actually looks pretty good. So thank you GQ magazine.

By the way, when I rolled in this morning to work, my top wasn't actually tucked in. Before I took that picture, I even hesitated if I should post it up because the outfit looked so frumpy. This top is one of those really loose almost baby-doll like tops. But tucking in my top or blouse made a whole difference in the world. My outfit was more polished with a simple effort of tucking it in. 

I guess posting up outfits does help. So far these two days (even though it has only been two days), I've been more inclined to dress a tad better than I usually do. Especially because I'm trying to make it a habit of posting whatever I'm wearing that day. It also helps me see what works and what doesn't. Not to mention, actually wear the clothes that I already have and learn how to be creative with it.

We'll just have to wait and see how good of a mixer and matcher I am.


  1. Hey Anne,

    I totally like these work outfits! I don't have a job yet, but it's nice to see how cute and professional you look :)


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