Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lookbook: LBD - My Laced Black Dress

Aside from having a little black dress, all girls should own a laced black dress. Nothing defines feminity more than a laced dress. Depending on how you wear or accessorize it, a laced dress can be either sexy or demure.

H&M laced black dress; Forever 21 khaki cardigan; vintage belt; bangles from H&M; Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters) flats

Have I told you lately how much I'm loving California weather right now? I swear, only in LA can you have summer in the middle of January. It's such a luxury to just bask under the sun and not have to worry about if I had layered enough to keep me warm before leaving the house. Having the sun out after having 30 degrees of cold weather and non-stop heavy rain coming down is a really nice change. I'm a big pansy when it comes to cold so anything below 50 degrees is considered freezing for me. But hooray for warm weathers for allowing me to dress up like this more often.

So today, I decided to wear my "LBD" to work. Since I'm working in an office setting, I can't be dressed as if I'm going to the club. To tone it down to something more appropriate, I threw a loose khaki cardigan on top and cinch my waist with a thin belt. I opted for brown just to break the the black theme a little. I also wore black tights since the length of dress is above my knees and I didn't want to show too much skin. For my footsies, I'm wearing flats today to keep it simple and because my legs are still sore for days after taking workout classes lately.

I also kept my accessories simple by just wearing two bangles on one arm. Although it's not the most practical thing to wear because of the noise it creates, and not to mention, the bulkiness of the bangles that makes it difficult to type on the computer, the bangles complete the look for me. I just have to take it off when I'm just working in my area.

So, do you think this ensemble is work appropriate in a business casual setting? Yay or nay?


  1. this look is perfect for the office and i really like the addition of the bangles. and such cute flats too!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  2. @Kileen: Thanks! these are actually my beater flats. LOL they've definitely seen better days.

  3. I used to dislike lace, but love it now! It's so delicate, feminine, and pretty!


  4. i LOVE the belt and the cardigan and the flats.. lol :) nice outfit!

    p.s. SO JEALOUS of your cali weather :( it's so bleak in nyc rain and unmelted snow = no no

  5. Very sexy indeed! love the LBD and the belt too! oh even the cardigan! I should have said I love everything!

  6. Definitely a Yay.

    I totally know what you mean about the bangles. I wore some to school and they were louder than the professor!


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