Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update Review: Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Samples and MAC Fafi Collection

Well I just finished getting ready for bed, and I have decided to use one (out of four) samples of the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel that I got from my previous Philosophy haul.

Here's a brief description of the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel:

Vitamin C microdelivery peel for all skin types
  • helps infuse skin with vitamin C
  • helps revitalize sun damaged skin
  • micro-crystals help to gently resurface the skin
  • helps to rejuvinate a dull, sun damaged complexion
The Microdelivery peel is a two-step process which only takes about 3-5 minutes. The sample packet has a generous amount of the product, but I ended using the whole thing because the direction said so, but I think it should be ok if you used half of it. Step 1 is the Vitamin C/Peptide Resurfacing Crystal. It actually smelled pretty good. I was expecting a pungent smell or something since it is a peel, but it had that citrus smell which was quite pleasant. And the crystals were very fine and very gentle on my skin. It didn't feel like I was scrubbing my whole face off unlike the Apricot scrub I'm also using. Step 2 is the Lactic/Salicylic Acid Activating gel and is applied directly on top of Step 1. Step 2 smelled like Play-Dough. Not a big fan of Play-Dough, but I guess it could have been worse. So you massage the gel on your face after Step 1 and it foams which means it is activating the Vitamin C. You leave it on for about 2-3 minutes then rinse. The peel is recommended to be done once or twice a week.
After I rinse my face, it felt really smooth and soft. But it's the first time I tried it so I still have to wait and see if my face will have a negative reaction to it. Although, I like how it's so easy and it doesn't really take a lot of my time to do the peel. So far, so good though. I'll give an update if it helps the pimple that I have acquired because I've been bad and lazy that I decided to sleep with my makeup for one night.
So far I've been happy with the product. Purity cleanser is already a must skincare product for me. I want to see if I can say the same thing for the rest of them. I've only been using the kit for maybe a week and half, and just tonight I used the peel. I'll try to do a weekly update on the product for any progress or improvements.
Still waiting for my online hauls... patiently.

Anyway, one more final to go tomorrow afternoon then my semester is officially over!

I just saw the MAC Fafi collection on a forum at OMG... *drools*. I loveeee the packaging. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. I can't wait for its release date on February 08!!! I'll probably end up buying everything because it's soooo cute. Gotta start saving the funds.

*Images were from MAC Cosmetics Fafi forum


  1. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for stopping by! :D I got my Pink Kabuki Kup at :D

    I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with Bare Escentuals. I've personally never used that brand and was never really interested in it because of the fact that it contains bismuth. :D Silk Naturals is a great brand, and I actually recommended Nessa try that brand because she was having a hard time finding a good foundation match in minerals. :D I wish you luck with that, I adore minerals. :D

    If you have any mineral makeup questions, I would be more than happy to help. I am mineral makeup whore... HUGE. haha. :D So yeah.

    Good luck on your last final! :D I finished mine last week, thank God. :P I'm waiting for a couple of online hauls as well and I'm getting antsy... it's actually more makeup brushes. LOL!

  2. kant wait for another update for this. I hope it doesn't cause acne!

  3. The Microdelivery Peel sounds very interesting. I use the Apricot scrub every couple days now. I used to use it everyday!! But now that I'm getting my moisture back in my skin, I'm really liking how soft my skin is getting.

    You and me cannot go to MAC for Fafi, lol! I am suuuuch a sucker for packaging also. That and things that are available in beautiful colors (er, eyeshadow??) lol. I always feel the need to have everyone, even if I don't use it. Weird, I know :)


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