Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going on a Brief Hiatus

To my lovely blog readers,

I'm sorry to say but I'll be taking a long break from blogging. Hopefully the next few weeks will go by fast, so I can keep doing what I love. I know I said I was going to post some FOTDs here and there, but I've decided to stash my makeup away in the meantime and fully focus on my last few weeks in college.

Ever since last week, the pressure and the stress is really getting a lot more intense as deadlines for my projects are coming in left and right. And we all know that sometimes, it's not always efficient when you're working with a group unless you really have a good, solid team. Needless to say, I and another group member, are picking up most of the slack. Although makeup is my way to relieve stress, it is also requires some time for me to do. And time is very crucial right now.

Anyway, when all the insanity comes to rest, and all is said and done, I will definitely be back in the game with the whole blogging thing. I just need to finish my last four classes first before anything else, then I can finally say, I'M DONE! I hope ya'll understand, and I will definitely miss reading all your posts and comments in the next 41 DAYS.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Peacock Eyes (Makeup Look) & Reader's Question

It just remind me of one just because of the colors I used.

Sorry I haven't done any reviews lately. I'm on a strict makeup and shopping budget from now on (planning on going to Hawai'i after graduation as a present for myself ^___^), so I'll need most of my funds for that. And the fact I decided to cut down my working hours, so I just have more time to do my school work. I want to focus more in school since this is my last two month stretch before it's finally over. And this the time around when projects and presentations are due, including midterms. So that will only mean less dinero to spend on and major cutbacks on spending. For the meantime, I'll just be posting FOTDs here and there since I do still have a lot of makeup to use up first. It might bore ya'll but at least I'm posting :). hehe.

I might have a little challenge/contest going on in the future. Still debating since I don't know who will be up for it. I'll be giving prizes to the winners (it won't be anything fancy, but I'll make sure it's a good one. Besides who doesn't want free stuff?). So more on that later on. Just stay tuned!


EYES:Pure Luxe Vibe e/s (inner-half of lid)
T-1-2-3 Paradise Blue e/s (outer-half of lid)
T-1-2-3 Grey Blue Sparkle e/s (outer V and crease)
T-1-2-3 Rich Dark Brown e/s (lightly applied on crease and outer V)
T-1-2-3 Light Caramel e/s (highlight)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Sephora black e/l (waterline)
Lancome Definicil mascara

FACE:Monistat Chafing Relief Gel (primer)
Buff Foundation in Buff
MAC Hipness (apples)

Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15
NYX Femme* l/s (blotted)
NYX Indian Pink l/s (applied on top of Femme then blotted)

*Femme l/s was a really bright orange (too bright for work!). It made the look draggish so I had to tone the lips down by applying another color on top of it and blotting it with tissue.

Also, although I won't be able to spend too much time on blogger, I will still try to answer any of your questions. You can always email me to get a personal reply back or leave it my comments. If I don't post an answer under the same entry you left your comment(question) or leave a comment in your blog to reply back, I'll do a posts with nothing but reader's question at the end of the week.

To start this off, here's a question from iamsutil.

hey, are the (Pure Luxe) pigments good? been wanting to get samples from them but i've read some reviews that their pigments are too powdery?

please help me decide. hehehe

Ok, based on my experience using Pure Luxe, the texture of the MMU is almost similar to flour, so yea it's powdery. So when you apply it you have to kinda pack it (use a dabbing motion) not sweep the eyeshadow so it'll hold on your lids. Make sure that you have a good base so the pigment have something to hold on to for the rest of the day (I use MAC paintpots).

I still get a really good color payoff with Pure Luxe even though I don't foil it which is REALLY good because I'm not really good at foiling eyeshadows (newbie) and it's just another extra step for me in the morning. And even if I don't foil it, the eyeshadows are still vibrant and they pretty much last me until the end of my day (9 am - 10 pm). It's not like other MMU where you need to foil it to get the color in the bag or else it'll be sheer on your lids and disappear at the end of the day.

Another reason why I like Pure Luxe is because they have a wide range of colors and they're really are pretty. I was staring at it for awhile when I first got them (no joke!). I actually find it easier to create different looks with it for some reason. Not to mention the samples are cheap too! It only costs a dollar and your sample comes in a jar. Pure Luxe e/s are also easy to blend without distorting or muddying up your colors in the process.

So if you're thinking about getting Pure Luxe... I suggest that you do. There's so many color choices and the quality of the piggies are good for the price you're paying for.