Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Onesies | Romper + Denim Vest

Rompers. The adult onesie that's more appropriate to be worn outside. Convenient for easy dressing up, not so convenient when it comes to going to the bathroom.

Romper | Forever 21 (old) (similar here and here)
Denim Vest | YMI Jeans (similar here, here, and here)
Necklace | Vanessa Mooney
Satchel | Zara (old)
Sunglasses | ASOS
Sandals | Tory Burch (similar)
Nail Polish | Nicole by OPI "Hit the Lights"

Even though rompers can hinder trips to the bathroom, I still love wearing them in the summer time. It's light for unbearable warm days, but it's easy to layer on once it gets cooler.  It also makes dressing up pretty brainless when you're having the "I-have-nothing-to-wear"-itis.

I like to pair my rompers with a denim vest. Almost all the time. I prefer a lighter denim wash in the summer for a more casual look. Sometimes just wearing a romper is just not enough for me. It can feel a little incomplete. By simply adding a vest makes it look like I put some effort and thought into my outfit when I really didn't.



  1. I like the concept of them and not having to worry about the skirt flying up when the wind catches. But I can't get around the bathroom issue lol. Which is weird, because I don't mind pants with 3 buttons. Go figure *shrugs*


  2. Gorgeous! lol yea, that's the only thing about rompers...but they're still really cute! :D


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