Monday, May 18, 2015

Peace Out, PS

Forever 21 tank / Urban Outfitters bralette / Brandy Melville shorts / Birkenstocks sandals / Love + Leather Necklace

Final Coachella outfit. This might be my most comfortable out of the three (see previous looks here and here). Not sure if I have ever mentioned it on my blog, but I have been really into distressed/destroyed looks lately. There's something about the disheveled look that's hooking me in.

If you haven't been keeping up lately with my life events, I'm recently trying to get my groove back on Youtube. My first upload back was my Spring Haul video, which featured most of the things that I've been wearing lately.

It's been awhile since I've uploaded a video (10 months if anyone is counting), so I'm still trying to figure out a good balance with work, maintaining my blog, while being able to have a social life outside the internet. I've been doing this whole Youtube and blog thing for awhile, but it's always been just a hobby of mine. I've been extremely fortunate to have met many amazing people doing what I enjoy, and to have opportunities come my way. Both my blog and YouTube channel has been sort of my diary when it comes to personal style or just how my taste and preferences have evolved. Sometimes, I find myself looking back and seeing how much I've grown.

Anyway, I know sometimes life happens. All I can do right now is do my best and shift my focus on the things I love and enjoy doing. And you know what they say, "nothing worthwhile ever comes easy." So challenge accepted.

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