Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel (Review)

Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel
4 out of 5
According to
"Helps reduce blemishes, promotes healing. Fast-drying, clear gel. Invisible under or over makeup.

How to Use:Dab on blemishes AM and PM. Using other topical acne drugs at the same time or right after use of this product may increase dryness or irritation of skin. If this occurs, only one medication should be used unless directed by a doctor."

My take on it:
IT WORKS! I was actually surprised because I had little expectations for this product to work. I tried similar products but different brands such as Clean & Clear and Origins. I never really believed in spot treatments. The only reason why I purchased this was because the pimples that were living on my forehead would not go away even after a week use of the Origins spot treatment gel. So, I exchanged it for this one instead. Anyway, I was pretty much looking for a quick fix because the pimples were bothering me (and they were growing too!!). I mean I hardly get pimples now (thanks to my daily skin regimen), but when I do get a pimple... they're pretty big. It's like my skin is compensating for the times I didn't have them. I usually get them "at that time of the month."

Back to the product, I was just happy to see results in four days after using it in the day and night! Relative to when I was using Origins for more than a week and I didn't see any improvements at all. If anything, it seems like my pimple got bigger using Origins :[. But after using Clinique, my pimples are almost gone. It really reduced the size (we're still talking about the same pimple pre-Origins hehehe) by the second day and now fifth day of using it and it's almost non-existent. I was actually skeptical when the SA at the Clinique counter at Nordstrom said "it definitely works, and you'll see results in days." I thought it was a line to get me to buy it, since that's what the lady at Origins said too. But, she was actually telling the truth!! So for me, this product is definitely a keeper. Stash it in your makeup bag for those unexpected surprises.

Why 4 out of 5? Minus one for the price. It's pretty expensive for a small bottle, $13.50 at Nordstrom. I swear, the price and the work we pay for to stay pretty.

The results are based on my experience, how my skin reacted, and my daily skin routine. These and other factors (such as any allergic reactions to certain ingredients) do play a role on the effectiveness of certain products. Not everyone reacts to products the same. I have a combination and acne-prone skin.


  1. Good review little lady! And at least you're taking a stand on your priorities :) Get good grades and make us all proud!

  2. Hey Honey,

    Good for you. I think sometimes blogging and videos can take over your life. Myself, I was blogging everyday even on weekends and almost doing a video every day. I'm cutting down too...I think i'll only do 2 videos a week, a few days apart to give myself some breathing room...and no more updating on the weekends, those are my days to relax. I usually do my blogs at work but I just got loaded a huge project so I'm with you, we gotta prioritize sometimes. Oh and budget on top of that! I hope you do really well honey bun! Keep in touch :)

  3. Thanks for the review. Clinique is pretty exxy in Australia, lol. Actually, everything is expensive in Australia. I can't get over the ridiculous mark-ups in prices!!

    Dermalogica also has something similar called the Medicated Clearing Gel which, in my experience, works. I'll have to try this out :]

    I look forward to reading your entries as they come. A blog shouldn't be first priority so blog whenever you can :]

  4. oh man i want to try this!! i'm like you, because of my skin care regimen, i don't get as much blemishes and when i do, their huge. do you knoe if they sell it at sephora? i'll chek it out..does it contain BP or SA? Thanx :)

  5. Mrs. Lynne: Thanks! Will definitely try to get those straight As. Maybe if I do, I can go to Hawaii with my bf and maybe meet you too heeeheee :)

    Ren Ren: I don't know how you do your videos. So much editing and just work going to it. Then you have to write some content in your blog too. But at least you can do your blogging things at work. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I can since I do work for the government. EVERYTHING is monitored. I already feel guilty reading beauty blogs when I take my breaks or at lunch time.

    Julie: Wow, I didn't know that. I think branded makeup is just really marked up anywhere. I guess in certain areas it's just end up being ridiculous. It doesnt even really take that much to produce it, but i guess they gotta make them paper bills. Hmmm.. I've never heard of dermatologica. I'll have a looksie at the drugstore and maybe I'll find it. If not maybe it's just available in Australia? But anyway, thanks for reading my blog! I've been trying to get some ideas and reviews going on. It's just the time is an issue.

    Anna: Yea, after awhile I stopped breaking out nasty on my cheeks after doing a regular skin regimen that I actually sticked to. Using BE also contributed to my breakouts on my cheeks... so now the scarring is there, but I'm working on it. haha. And I used to sleep with my makeup too lots of times cuz i just get so lazy... (and BE said their makeup is so pure you can sleep on it... so most of the time i did. Not a good idea). I think they sell it at sephora. not 100% sure. but I got it at nordstrom just cuz I was already there. The active ingredient is 1% SA. I didn't see any BP in the ingredients. They didn't really list much since the box is so small.

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