Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Depotting MAC Eyeshadows

This MY version of depotting my MAC eyeshadows which has been inspired by EnKore and MakeupbyRenRen. I know there's a kajillion versions out there on YouTube, but I just wanna share the easiest (and the least messy) way for me to do it. I still do hope you find this information somewhat helpful.

Why depot a MAC eyeshadow?
  1. To put in your pro-palette for easy storage and organization of e/s colors.
  2. To get a free eyeshadow, lipgloss, or lipstick through MAC's Back2MAC program (exchange six empty e/s, l/s, or l/g and get get a new one free!).

How to depot your MAC eyeshadow:

1. cotton balls
2. tissue
3. rubbing alcohol
4. straightening iron
5. wax paper (or the tissue paper from stores for gift wrapping)
6. paper towel
7. pearing knife
8. adhesive round magnets
9. MAC e/s
10. MAC palette

If you don't have adhesive round magnets readily available, you can buy a magnet sheet and a round craft puncher (pictured on your left) at your local craft store (i.e. Micheal's). You can also stencil in the shape and cut it with scissors. *Source: Enkore

Step 1: Insert the paring knife in the hole (located where the hinges are for the cover) to pop the plastic casing where your e/s shadow pan sits.
Step 2: After popping off the top part, place your e/s on your straightening iron with a wax paper underneath which will prevent the plastic from melting directly on to your straigtening iron. Wait for about 2-3 minutes, just enough to melt the glue that holds the pan. You don't want to keep your e/s on your straightening iron for too long because heat will make the e/s rise a little from the pan.

Step 2b: You'll know when the glue is melted when you look at the bottom of the pan and there's a tiny hole in the middle that has formed due to the heat.
Step 3: Find a gap around the pan where you can CAREFULLY insert your paring knife to pry the pan off the plastic. BE VERY CAREFUL DOING THIS STEP! Also, DO NOT touch the pan because it will still be hot.

Step 4: Let the pan cool upside down on top of a CLEAN papertowel.
Step 5: Clean the bottom of the pan with alcohol using a cotton ball or papertowel to remove the glue. Polish with tissue if necessary.
Step 6: Stick your magnet on the pan by peeling the paper off the adhesive side of the magnet. The non-adhesive side should be the one on top.
Step 7: Take the other part of the plastic pot and place that on top of your straightening iron with a wax paper underneath to melt the glue off the label at the bottom.

Step 8: Take the paring knife again and carefully lift the label off the bottom. Insert the knife where there is an obvious space in between the label and the bottom of the pot. It should come off pretty easily.

Step 9: Put the label on top of the magnet under the e/s pan. Because of the melted glue, it should still be sticky enough for it to completely adhere to the pan.

FINISHED! Now your e/s pan is ready for your MAC e/s palette! See inset for finished product.

My EDM hauls also came over the weekend. No need to post pictures since I only got their sample kit, the flat top and concealer brush, and some mixing bowls. I haven't really tried it since my face is still swollen :[. Update later after I get to play with it.

I also bought the GorillaPod today (as mentioned in Christiana's blogspot). I swear she finds the neatest things online! Anyways, I've always wanted a tripod for my camera but owning one is kind of a hassle since you have to lug it around with you. But with this GorillaPod, you can easily put it in your purse and wrap it around anything and it will hold your camera still!!! Obviously way better than your traditional tripod. You can purchase this at Joby.com and enter the code GorillapodLOVE for 15% off discount. They also offer free shipping! The Gorillapod also comes in different colors and sizes.


  1. I have a bunch of pots piling up. I'm glad you posted this because I knew I saw a way using wax paper and a flat iron but was just too lazy to find it. Now the information is readily available on your site for lazy's like me :)

    And like I told Christiana, I think I'm in need of a Gorillapod because I don't think traditional ones will accommodate my small bathroom, hah.

  2. Oh wow. That tripod is hecka cool! Would also make my life a tad easier... Now I wanna snag one for myself!

  3. Fei: yea it is. i read up and watched reviews about it and it seem to be a good tripod.

    anyway, if you are thinking of purchasing it, make sure you select the unpackaged gorillapod since it's a bit cheaper than the package one. same quality but why pay more for something you'll throw away. you can read more about it in the FAQs section.

    lynne: i think it's made for us makeup bloggers! they know we're taking uber amounts of pictures and tutorials that they have to create something we obviously can use! that's just my take on it. haha.

  4. ACK! I want that gorillapod! LOL

    Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog, btw :)

  5. Great tutorial! I find this method easier, although the blowdryer version is not too bad, either.

    Thanks for the link for the gorilla pod! I'm very tempted...

  6. [Alien Man]: whoever invented it is pretty genious! perfect for us beauty/makeup bloggers!!

    [Girl Meets Makeup]: Thanks! Glad to help. Never tried the blowdryer. Might be too hot for my hands after holding the pot in front of it for too long, not to mention drying too!

    I bought that sucker right after reading Christiana's post about it (along with googling and reading some reviews of course). I love it cuz it's not your bulky type of tripod. It gives you more of a reason to take more pictures! Let me know if you end up buying it.

  7. that tripod looks so cool! Too bad i have one already and i don't need another one :(

    About the brushes ill do a review once i get them, but comparing them to MAC will be a problem because i don't use MAC brushes. But i can compare them look wise?

  8. Lovely tutorial! Miss you puffy face! LOL!

  9. great tut! so clear and your pans look nice and neat :) you make me want that tripod, grrr...do you know how compatible this is with other cameras?

  10. great tutorial! very informative! how are your gums/teeth/cheeks feeling? hope you're doing better!

  11. HAHA don't tell your mom on me! LOL. Me??? With a makeup addiction??? I don't think so! LOL.

    I know I actually gotta be an adult and PAY for stuff, what's up with that!?? NO RENNNNTTT!

    I miss you too Anne Banan! YES can we do dinner finally!?? I miss YOUR face! Let me know when your feeling better, I can do soup and jello with you! :)

  12. hello Anne, I stumbled upon your site and just wanted to comment and say that you have a strange resemblance to two girls that I know. Weird as it may sound..hehe......anywho..you have an interesting site here..i'm new to blogger so i'm still adjusting to this site..easing my way through it and all..have a great weekend :D

  13. Yeah... The AKPsi drama is really bogus. I do think the pledging was worthwhile, as that was the best part, but once you're in whatever illusion of familyhood and professionalism goes away QUICK.

  14. Thanks for this tutorial :D I just depotted for the first time on two eyeshadows and they came out perfect!!


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